Tiny House Fear: Addressing FOGT (Fear of Going Tiny)

Jan 04, 2023
Tiny house kitchen dining and living area

Tiny House Fear: Addressing FOGT (Fear of Going Tiny)

As the world does a collective reset in preparation for the new year, our team at Teacup has one question for you:

Is this the year you buy a tiny house?

That question may make you excited. Or it may make you want to throw up because it feels so scary! If the latter, we'd like to remind you to breathe- and then keep reading, because today we're talking about FOGT or the Fear of Going Tiny.

First, we want to acknowledge that your fear is real and assure you that you are not alone. In fact, if it helps, here is a short list of everything our clients tell us they are afraid of:

  • That it will be too expensive to buy a tiny house
  • That they won't be able to find tiny house insurance
  • That they will never find tiny home parking
  • That they will never find LEGAL tiny home parking
  • That there won't be enough tiny home storage
  • That their tiny house will depreciate, and is a terrible financial decision
  • That they don't own a truck to transport their tiny house
  • That friends and family won't support the decision to go tiny

Do these sound like some of the things swirling around in your head? Trust us, we get it. And we're going to give you some information that we think will ease your fears, but first, let's discuss fear itself. 

It's easy to think of fear as this horrible thing that leaches into our consciousness and attempts to destroy us from the inside. Actually, though, fear exists to help us.

Fear keeps us safe, and much of the time, it's a very effective tool. Fear keeps us from wandering around alone in sketchy areas, from attempting daring feats beyond our skill levels, and from cutting super short bangs. But sometimes, our fear goes too far in its pursuit to protect us. Like, for instance, when it tries to talk us out of asking someone on a date, starting a new business, or- you guessed it- out of buying a tiny house. 

And here's the trickiest part: our fear makes some good points! Especially when it comes to the tiny house example.

After all, since humans are community-oriented, isn't it good that our fear tries to keep us from being ostracized by our families and friends?

And what about tiny home insurance, parking, and depreciation? Aren't those concrete realities we'd do well to respect? 

Our answer? Yes. But we might also point out that your fear is only partially informed. 

So if you'll allow us, we'd like to talk through some of the fears listed above so you can address them from a more well-rounded perspective. 

Let's begin with the cost.

Fear: Tiny houses are expensive.

Reality: It's true that tiny houses come with a cost, but so do all types of housing. Housing is a basic need, though, so if you're going to put your money into something, why not spend it on the roof over your head? Tiny houses might come with a price tag, but even our upgraded models are far less expensive than the homes in many real estate markets. And financing is available!

Fear: You'll never find tiny home insurance.

Reality: Tiny home insurance is available whether you live in your tiny house full-time, part-time, or use it as a rental. There are several companies that offer tiny home coverage, but Strategic and MAC Insurance could be good places to start.

Fear: You'll never find tiny home parking- legal or otherwise.

Reality: We have legal tiny home parking spots available right now at our Crowsnest Pass location in Alberta, Canada! RV communities are another good plug-and-play option. It will be a bit trickier to park legally on private land, but even if that's the goal, there are benefits to starting your tiny home journey in an RV park. Here's our post that explains why.

Fear: There won't be enough storage. 

Reality: Excuse us; we just accidentally snorted coffee! The truth is that Teacup tiny homes come with more storage than you will probably know what to do with. So please don't worry about that one! Here is a post that highlights just a few of the storage options we include in our builds.

Fear: Tiny houses depreciate and would be a terrible financial decision.

Reality: Fact: tiny houses do depreciate. But if the choice is between a tiny home or renting, wouldn't you rather accept a little depreciation than permanently parting with 100% of the money you spend on housing? And if you plan to buy a tiny house as an investment, just run the numbers. Many investors find that the returns are more than worth it even after factoring in depreciation.

Oh, and be sure not to confuse depreciation with market value. People who bought their Teacups a few years ago can likely sell them at a profit today in spite of depreciation, simply because of demand.

Fear: You don't own a truck.

Reality: Almost no one who buys a tiny home tows it often enough to justify owning a truck. Fortunately, trucks can be rented, and professional transportation services can be hired for such things!

Fear: Friends and family won't support you.

Reality: Can we let you in on a little secret? Time and time again, we've watched friends and family change their tune after you move in.

Maybe it's the freedom from the stuff, the simplicity, or just the peace that comes from saying yes to deep inspiration. Whatever it is, it's hard for friends and family to stay unsupportive once they've seen the benefits of the tiny home lifestyle in action. 

It's hard to pursue your dreams when your loved ones aren't on board, but you know who is on board? The entire tiny home community.


Letting go of fear is a process, so if you still have some after reading this list, that's ok. We'd encourage you to keep doing the work, though, because the other side of fear is a spectacularly beautiful place.

Our team at Teacup has been building tiny homes for many years, so when you're ready, bring your fears, questions, dreams, and plans to us, and we'll help you turn your vision into action.

We hope you'll book a Discovery Call soon, but in the meantime, happy holidays! 

May this upcoming year be your best one yet!