We build design-savvy tiny homes that are uber-functional and customized to your life. 

What if simple living was actually simple?

Take Your Next Step

We are obsessed with always improving your tiny home experience. We do this by continually asking for feedback from our current and past clients. 

Living room design in a teacup tiny home for sale
What are my next steps?

Which is why...

Our clients get access to The Teacup Academy, an online training portal that teaches you the build process, how to prepare for, set-up, properly maintain and love your Teacup, without the stress of having to figure it out on your own.

Our clients have access to a fully integrated project management app so you can track your tiny home progress with real-time updates, direct messaging, live schedules, and photos, so you aren't left guessing or wondering what is happening with the money you invested. 


Break free from conformity.

It's time. All you need to do is say yes & be an expert on yourself. We help you with the rest.

Ready to be brave?

Your Teacup is waiting.

Find Your Perfect Fit
Tiny home luxury kitchen by Teacup Tiny Homes
tiny home kitchen and living room design with main floor bedroom
Huge bathroom in a tiny home by Teacup Tiny Homes
Main floor bedroom in a tiny house in the Summer's Night Dream Plan
tiny home with space for a table and a living room in the Ruby plan by Teacup Tiny Homes
Tiny Home exterior by Teacup tiny Homes in Lethbridge Alberta


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