Ontarians across the vibrant province have been relishing the benefits of their Teacup Tiny Homes for nearly a decade. Even with the cost of delivery, Teacup Tiny homeowners have pocketed substantial savings on their journey to tiny living. How? By choosing us, a trusted and experienced builder, to guide them from the rental market into the rewarding realm of home ownership.

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Embrace the Teacup Tiny Homes Experience.


Tiny Houses Installed On Foundations
Tiny House RV's

But our offerings don't stop at stationary homes.

At Teacup Tiny Homes, we believe in building relationships, not just houses. Our post-purchase care includes actively seeking feedback and ensuring our warranty stands strong. We're continuously striving to enhance your living experience, implementing plans that simplify and enrich life for our homeowners.

By choosing Teacup Tiny Homes, you're not merely purchasing a property — you're joining a community that cherishes simple living and high-quality craftsmanship.

What are the benefits of a Teacup tiny home for Ontario?


Tiny homes undoubtedly pack enormous benefits. Yet, the quest to find a trusted tiny home builder can be daunting.


Why should you partner with Teacup Tiny Homes, a team stationed in Alberta, when you're located half a continent away in Ontario?

The answer lies in our unique approach and unmatched commitment to providing you the best tiny home build experience. 


Here at Teacup Tiny Homes, we're pioneers in constructing tiny homes with a difference. Our adherence to outstanding quality isn't merely a selling point - it's the cornerstone of our operation.

Cutting corners in tiny home construction can lead to gigantic headaches down the line, and we're here to ensure your journey into tiny living is a dream, not a nightmare.

With nearly a decade of tiny home experience under our belt and twenty years in residential home building, we've honed the craft of building and designing tiny homes that are not only efficient and aesthetic, but also perfectly tailored to the needs of our homeowners.


Our customer-focused approach ensures your voice is heard, your dreams are realized, and your investment is protected.

Your tiny home journey is more than just a purchase - it's a lifestyle change. And we're here to ensure it's a positive, fulfilling, and seamless transition.

From building homes equipped for extreme climates to offering detailed guidance on home usage and maintenance via Teacup Academy, to providing real-time updates on your home's progress through our online project management platform - we're with you every step of the way.

Choosing Teacup Tiny Homes means choosing a partner who's as invested in your tiny living dream as you are. Let's bring your tiny home vision to life!

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Built For & Proven in Cold Weather Climates

Our tiny clients enjoy the combination of heat, ventilation and air conditioning to ensure the best living environments year-round, but that's not it.  Our focus on functional design has been developed using the most important interior design techniques and applied to tiny living. 

The Teacup Academy

We educate our clients on the build process, their customized systems and how to maintain their investment long into the future. All of this is delivered through a fully integrated online learning portal at the touch of a finger.  That's why our clients have more long term success and often sell their Teacup at an increased value.

Project Management System

We know, it doesn't sound fancy, but it is incredibly important.  This tool allows our clients to get live, up-to-date progress on their build and thorough communication with the team. Without the hassle of email, worry about if their build is being worked on, or feeling like they are too far away to be a part of the process.

Discover Your Perfect Space:

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Tiny homes certified to RV standards are the best cabins and cottages for anywhere in Ontario.

Tiny Home RV's

  • Tiny Homes On Wheels or THOW
  • 8.5 ft wide, road legal with a huge selection of tiny home plans.
  • Certified to CSA Z240 RV 
  • Great for temporary locations, lease land and vacationing.
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Foundation Series Tiny Homes

  • Built on a skid as a temporary dwelling or to be site installed on a foundation.
  • Built to Ontario Building Code & CSA A277 as dwellings.
  • Categorized as permanent dwellings ADUs, granny pods, or temporary dwellings.
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Tiny Homes For Sale Ontario?


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While we firmly believe in the benefits of Teacup Tiny Homes, we understand they may not be for everyone, and that's okay.

A Teacup Tiny Home might not be your best choice if:

  • You're seeking affordable or subsidized housing.
  • You currently don't have stable employment, a solid credit score, or a credit history.
  • You aren't particularly concerned with aesthetics and high-quality finishes in your living space.
  • You're eager to roll up your sleeves for a hands-on DIY tiny home project.

However, a Teacup Tiny Home could be an excellent fit for you if:

  • You value functional, beautiful spaces with durable, high-end finishes.
  • You aspire to simplify your busy life and live more intentionally, without adding a burdensome project to your plate.
  • You're eager to transition from renting to owning a home without committing to a burdensome mortgage.
  • You're looking for a straightforward process and an experienced team to guide you on your journey to embracing tiny living, without needing to become a tiny home expert yourself. (That's what we're here for!)

If you identify with the latter points, we'd love to chat with you. Book a Discovery Call with our team to learn more about how a Teacup Tiny Home could change your life.

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Enjoying life in the Amelia tiny home master loft by Teacup Tiny Homes

Without choosing Teacup Tiny Homes to construct your dream tiny home, you might:

  • Face the bitter cold of Canadian winters in a poorly insulated and heated tiny home, needing costly space heaters that contradict your commitment to sustainable living.
  • Feel overwhelmed by the complex process of designing and building a tiny home, constantly questioning your decision and unsure about your next steps.
  • Struggle to understand how to properly use and maintain your tiny home after it's built, risking expensive damage or depreciation in its value.
  • Succumb to fear and skepticism about tiny living, held back by online horror stories and naysayers, and continue living in an unfulfilling, expensive lifestyle.
  • Fall prey to unscrupulous salespeople offering impossibly cheap tiny homes, only to find they've vanished or were scams from the start. (It's unfortunate, but it happens.)

However, by choosing Teacup Tiny Homes as your builder, you will:

  • Gain your very own cheerleading team for your tiny home journey, guiding you through challenging decisions and ensuring your success.
  • Enjoy a cozy tiny home in the heart of winter, with our understanding of integrated mechanical systems guaranteeing warm floors and unfrozen water lines.
  • Be worry-free during the construction process, thanks to our transparent system that allows for live video walk-throughs and viewing of the actual build schedule.
  • Have the confidence to set up your tiny home, understanding utility connections, proper leveling, and maintenance to protect your investment.
  • Embrace the simple, intentional life you've been dreaming of in less than six months from the day you start.
  • Receive ongoing support throughout your tiny home journey and beyond. Even after the warranty period, we're here for you - ready to help, answer your questions, or just catch up. We genuinely care about our clients!
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Start Your Tiny Home Adventure Today with Teacup - Your Dream Home Awaits!


As you reach the end of this page, you're just one step away from beginning your incredible journey toward owning a Teacup Tiny Home.

Our team of dedicated professionals is ready and eager to answer all your questions, guide you through the process, and help make your dream of tiny home living a reality.

And because we believe in rewarding those who take decisive action, we have a special offer just for you:  ask us about free delivery of your Teacup Tiny Home all the way from Alberta to Ontario! (this is not a joke)

To learn more about this exclusive offer, book a discovery call and ask us about how you can enjoy a delivery credit on your tiny home.

Don't wait, start your Teacup Tiny Home journey now. A simpler, more intentional life is waiting for you.

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