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Why Tiny Homes?

~ Jen McCarthy - Owner, Teacup Tiny Homes

About 3 years ago I finally found the words to describe my own personal mission, to break free from conformity.  This statement is the foundation of my being and drives me every day.

But what does it mean?  How does it relate to a company that builds tiny homes?

What I saw as a problem that needed to be solved, back in 2016, was that the societal norms that have been developed in the North American culture just didn't fit anymore and it needed to change.


Today, from my observations, the “work hard play hard” of Gen-X has turned into a generation that is burnt out, tired, hides mental illness behind working hard and having nice things to play with, probably of which are bought on credit and one missed paycheck would result in near devastation.

The millennials are trying their best to raise babies, in double-income households, share family responsibilities and are exhausted by racing around like mad people because they want to be able to do it all. 

This looks like getting small humans ready for daycare, rushing to the school drop-off line, getting groceries, putting food on the table, dance recital, soccer practice, home by 7:30 for tubby time, tucking the kids in bed only to spend 30  minutes on the couch with your grown roommate who you call your life partner but both of you are too exhausted most of the time to even realize that you actually do still like each other. 

This continues on repeat day after day after day.

Both of these groups of people most likely spend any free time they have cleaning and maintaining their homes, vehicles and yards, or buying more stuff to fill them with, instead of enjoying the amazing experiences life has to offer.

But what if there was a better way?  What if there was a more attainable way to live?  What if there was a way to have a tiny home cabin in the mountains that only took 30 minutes to settle into, with almost zero maintenance, and only 10 minutes to clean up on the day you leave?

What if there was a home that was created to be so functional that not a square inch was wasted and every space was intended for a purpose?  In this home, there were fewer things, and less time wasted on cleaning and buying more stuff to fill it.

What if I could build a company that actually supported a lifestyle of well-being, happiness, and experience for the people we built for, the people that worked there, and absolutely everyone who touched the company in some sort of way? 

What if we could do it differently?

Our mission at Teacup is focused on making people’s lives more simple. We show people that there is another option in life instead of chasing an old, outdated American dream that may never be achieved.   This isn’t just for full-time dwellings either.

Teacup builds the perfect solution for short-term rental opportunities and passive income, vacation homes, and a better way of camping on any year-round or seasonal campsite. 

To keep with the mission, we have recently decided to test out the 4 day work week for our team,  we have an online training portal called “The Teacup Academy”  where we actually teach our clients how to use their homes which improves their overall client experience, and we reach for ongoing feedback from past clients to continually tweak all of our systems to make sure we keep getting better and better for our customers and our team.


 Going forward into the future we are focusing on expanding relaunching the foundation series, Teacup tiny homes without wheels,  growing our US client base, and working more intimately with dealers.  so we can ultimately help more people.  

The more lives we touch, the more impact we can have on the world.

Another topic that is important to my heart is the way that we have created Teacup as a business.   From the beginning, after learning I was pregnant, I knew I needed systems that enabled me to be the only employee, work from home with a newborn, and still build, develop and sell the product.   The first year of Teacup was spent pregnant, and the second year I was nursing an infant.    Fast forward 4 years later,  when the pandemic hit, everything was already set up to be remote.  The best thing that happened was that the rest of the world was on board for utilizing the technology and systems we had always used to build and sell.   This is why we are able to fully serve our clients all across Canada and the USA.


At Teacup, we think in square inches, not in square feet.

 ~ Jennifer McCarthy

"At Teacup, we think in square inches, not in square feet."

 ~ Jennifer McCarthy


What we build:

Although the tiny home industry has been around for a few years, it is still largely in its infancy.  It is important to know what we build at Teacup tiny Homes.


Are certified to CSA Z240 RV or Z241 Park Model Standards.    


For the USA clients, we certify to NFPA 1192  Recreational Vehicle through RVIA. 


This means that although we build with extremely high levels of standards,  our units on wheels are permitted for seasonal, recreational use and are not considered full time dwellings.

For full time dwellings, we are also able to build our FOUNDATION SERIES tiny homes that are certified in conformance with the National Building Code of Canada and CSA A277.  

Gain the confidence you need to go tiny with the help of our team even if you have no idea HOW. 

 (That's what we're here for.)

Avoid feeling overwhelmed once your build is complete by learning the step by step process of setup and maintenance through The Teacup Academy, an online training portal where we teach you everything you need to know about your build.

Get full transparency and excellent communication during your build even if you love thousands of miles away with access to our online project management app.

Choose a featured plan, then customize it for your needs, personalize for your wants and let us help you achieve your goals.

We have made going tiny easy as 1- 2-3.

Are you ready?

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We build design-savvy little pieces of awesome that are innovative, attainable and a place to call home.

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"We build design-savvy little pieces of awesome that are innovative, attainable and a place to call home."


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