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It was 2015 when building materials started to raise, international buyers were scooping up properties at elevated prices, and tiny home shows were consuming home and garden networks worldwide. 

It was during this time, while on maternity leave that Jennifer McCarthy, award-winning designer and operations manager of a large home building company, knew there had to be a shift in the way people built and bought housing.  Whether it was cabins, homes, or rental properties, the thought of the American Dream was starting to grow tired and outdated. Imagining a lifestyle with, less stuff & less financial commitments, more opportunity and more intention for experiencing life Teacup Tiny Homes was born in the fall of 2016.

It stemmed from a desire to create spaces that were smaller, but jamb packed with beauty, function and of course, quality, and it all had to be wrapped up in a process that was easy, fun, and enjoyable. 

Since then, Jen and the Teacup team have been creating design-savvy little pieces of awesome for people across North America to achieve their goals in obtaining vacation properties, rental opportunities and of course, smaller living spaces.


At Teacup, we think in square inches, not in square feet.

 ~ Jennifer McCarthy

"At Teacup, we think in square inches, not in square feet."

 ~ Jennifer McCarthy


What we build:

Although the tiny home industry has been around for a few years, it is still largely in its infancy.  It is important to know what we build at Teacup tiny Homes.


Are certified to CSA Z240 RV or Z241 Park Model Standards.    


For the USA clients, we certify to NFPA 1192  Recreational Vehicle through RVIA. 


This means that although we build with extremely high levels of standards,  our units on wheels are permitted for seasonal, recreational use and are not considered full time dwellings.

For full time dwellings, we are also able to build our FOUNDATION SERIES tiny homes that are certified in conformance with the National Building Code of Canada and CSA A277.  

Gain the confidence you need to go tiny with the help of our team even if you have no idea HOW. 

 (That's what we're here for.)

Avoid feeling overwhelmed once your build is complete by learning the step by step process of setup and maintenance through The Teacup Academy, an online training portal where we teach you everything you need to know about your build.

Get full transparency and excellent communication during your build even if you love thousands of miles away with access to our online project management app.

Choose a featured plan, then customize it for your needs, personalize for your wants and let us help you achieve your goals.

We have made going tiny easy as 1- 2-3.

Are you ready?

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We build design-savvy little pieces of awesome that are innovative, attainable and a place to call home.

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"We build design-savvy little pieces of awesome that are innovative, attainable and a place to call home."


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