Boo! There is Some Sneaky Storage Hidden in Your Teacup!

storage Oct 26, 2022
tiny home in the fall from teacup tiny homes in Edmonton Alberta Canada

There is Some Sneaky Storage Hidden in Your Teacup! Storage Hacks For Tiny Homes




OK, we’re sorry for scaring you, but we thought we should get you in the right state of mind for Halloween. We also wanted to prepare you because when your Teacup arrives, you will have sneaky storage options popping out at you left and right! So we need to know you’ll be ready!


Storage is so important in a tiny home. It not only needs to exist, but it has to be highly functional so you can make the most out of your space. After all, what good is storage that is hard to access or organize?


Storage is always one of the first things a client brings up when we meet them. And, hey, we get it! A tiny house might encourage minimalism, but you will still need a few things to make your Teacup feel like yours.


So, what kind of storage options can you get in a Teacup? Well, hold on to your trick-or-treat candy because we’ve got quite the list! 

Toe-kick drawers.


You know those kitchen items you never want to see until you actually need them? These items are why we installed toe-kick drawers. If you’re unfamiliar, these are thin-ish drawers at floor level that pop out when you press your toes into them. 


Toe-kick drawers are helpful because they allow certain things (like waffle irons or specialty baking tools) to be out of sight and out of mind when not in use. And for highly specific items, that will probably be most of the time. Don’t worry, though; your toe-kick drawers will be standing by, so when the urge for a pumpkin waffle strikes, you are only one toe-tap away from all the tools needed to whip up your fall favorites!

Toe Kick Drawer in a tiny home.

Medicine cabinets.


OK, you’ve probably heard of these, but it’s amazing how often tiny home builders forget to include a medicine cabinet behind the mirror! 

 Medicine cabinet in a tiny house.

Medicine cabinets provide some of the most accessible storage out there, and this is important because they typically house items necessary for health. And you know what’s really scary? People who forget to floss.

Pull-out pantries.


IYKYK (if you know, you know)! Pull-out pantries are perfect for tiny kitchens because they are so easy to keep organized! Sure, we include some regular cabinets for bulkier things like pots and pans, but when it comes to organizing food, we find that a pull-out pantry is a better bet.


Have you ever opened a cabinet stuffed with cans, potato chip bags, and cereal boxes? It all fell on you, didn’t it? Here at Teacup, we want only fake blood this Halloween, and our pull-out pantries are here to help! Unlike a cabinet, a pull-out pantry lets you see everything clearly, so you won’t have to dig. And when you’re done snacking, the whole thing disappears- kind of like magic!

Pull out pantry in a tiny home.

Stair storage.


If you’ve been following the tiny home movement for a while, you’ve probably seen the trick where builders use the area under the stairs for storage. But are you ready to see a new trick?


Our team at Teacup has come up with not one but three ways to add sneaky storage to your stairs! We like to mix it up, but if you browse our gallery, you’ll find that we can include drawers that pull out, cabinets that swing open, and cubbies built into the front.

Under stair storage in a tiny house.

The back side of the pony wall.


You know the pony wall that separates loft areas from the rest of the house? Did you know there are shelves on the other side? There are! Or at least there can be. This is your house, so we’ll include any upgrades you like. But if you’ve been wondering where to keep your kids’ toys or an extra set of sheets, the back side of the pony wall could be the perfect place!

Pony wall storage in a tiny home.

Bedside storage.


Our team at Teacup would never suggest you put your water bottle or Kindle all the way across the room while you sleep! Most people like to keep these things close by, so we’ve designed some awesome bedside storage options for you!


In a loft, we can build you a little floating shelf, but if you choose a model with a main-floor bedroom, we can get you even more! For instance, did you know that our Florence model can have bedside storage that goes floor-to-ceiling? It goes all the way around the headboard! Even we were a little shocked when we pulled that one off!


We’re also pretty proud of the bedside storage in our Ellie model. Ellie can have a cute little counter with a cabinet next to the bed, so you can keep your book of ghost stories next to you while you sleep. Or, er, feel free to lock them in that cabinet! Oh, and do you know what’s next to Ellie’s bedside counter? A closet. Like, a real one.

Bedside storage in the ellie tiny house.

Closets. Like, real ones.


Have you ever seen a tiny house with a teeny-tiny closet? Yup, us too, and we weren’t having it! So that’s why we’ve done our best to give you closets in sizes that make sense. And also put them throughout the house!


The Ellie features a main floor bedroom, and since we had the space, we went ahead and included a closet the same size as a traditional home! And if you need even more closet space, just walk into the living room. The Ellie also has a double hall closet next to the front door!



Big On Tiny Storage

OK, we have to cut this off somewhere, but believe us when we tell you the storage doesn’t end with the categories above. Teacups can also include hidden dining room tables, storage benches, shelves above the toilet, fireplace mantels, open kitchen shelving, murphy beds, and more! We invite you to use our online estimate builder to play around with some of the options!


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Alright, we must be going before someone eats all the Kit-Kat bars, but we wish you a safe and fun Halloween, and we hope to meet you soon!


Until then,