Teacup Tiny Home RV's + RV Communities - Why We Love the Combo

Nov 09, 2022
A Teacup Tiny Home located in a seasonal campsite in the Crowsnest Pass

Teacups + RV Communities - Why We Love the Combo



Sometimes people view RV communities with a touch of skepticism, but here at Teacup, we are big fans!


First, let us state a fact: not all RV parks are created equal. And while there might be a few sketchy ones out there, many are beautiful, community-driven places where one can live close to nature. In fact, the benefits of living in an RV community or permanent camping spot are many, and we’re here today to share with you why they pair so well with Teacups!


The first reason an RV community is a great place to park a Teacup is that it’s easy. Why do RV communities typically welcome Teacups with open arms? Because we put in the effort to get you a tiny certification to CSA Z240 RV, Z241 Park Model standards or to NFPA 1192 RV, through RVIA.  (Recreational Vehicle and Park Model) Wow, that was a log of technical stuff.

 Tiny home in a seasonal campsite.

Although your Teacup may be certified to RV or Park Model standards, one look at our gallery will assure you that a Teacup is a higher quality structure than an RV, and their shared certification can work in your favor for many reasons!


The overarching reason is that RVs have been around longer than tiny homes & cottages, which means that the world is more familiar with them. Have you ever tried to get a mortgage on a tiny cottage? Yeah, that doesn’t exist yet, but RV loans are a thing, and so that certification sticker- the one that comes with every one of our Teacup builds- can seriously open up your financing options!


Increased access to financing is important, but it’s not the only benefit. That handy sticker can also make obtaining insurance and registering with the DMV much easier. But anyway, back to RV communities!


RV stands for ‘recreational vehicle,’ which means that tiny homes are the perfect thing for vacationing, permanent site rentals and short-term rentals.  But this is where an RV community can often help you out. You’ll have to call a particular community for the specifics, but many of them can, and do allow people to park and use their structure year-round! We build Teacups to support full-time living, but the world is still in the stage of updating zoning ordinances to accept them. So this makes RV communities valuable assets in the meantime!

 The Luxury in a tiny house.

Having a place to park your Teacup is huge, but it’s not the only benefit of an RV community! In fact, one of the best perks is that your neighbors will know how to help you with your tiny cottage!


Have you ever leveled a structure? If you’ve only spent time in foundation-built dwellings, chances are you haven’t used a jack to prop a structure up on supports. Teacups might be lightyears away from RVs regarding how they look and feel, but one commonality is that they will both benefit from being leveled and supported. Fortunately, if you’ve chosen to park your Teacup in an RV community, your neighbors will likely know the drill. They will also likely know the best place to buy propane, how to winterize your tiny cottage, and other bits of relevant knowledge!   Or, maybe you can even teach them a thing or two after graduating from The Teacup Academy!


The next benefit of parking in an RV community is the community- that and the proximity to nature! 


If you’ve been living in an isolated concrete jungle, a Teacup in a welcoming RV park could be your chance to spend more time outside with people who care. 


People occasionally have stigmas about RV parks, but those people have obviously never poured themselves a steaming cup of french roast and walked around the loop to say good morning to the neighbors. Maybe it’s the fact that RV communities typically don’t have fences around the units, or maybe it’s that smaller structures encourage people to get outside. Whatever it is, you should know that nothing beats the community spirit of a well-run RV neighborhood. So go on, have that second glass of wine; your friends live next door, and your Teacup is only a two-minute walk from the shared BBQ pit!

 modern kitchen in a tiny home.

The bottom line? RV communities are awesome! But if they’re so great, why wouldn’t you just buy an RV? Well, for several reasons, but let’s start with the one we alluded to above: quality.


As we said before, RVs are intended for temporary recreation, and if you’ve ever camped in one, you’ll know they feel temporary. There is something about opening a flimsy RV door that doesn’t feel luxurious. And while RV bunk beds exist, all it takes is someone tossing and turning in their sleep to shake the whole house! Even if your Teacup is a seasonal retreat, we wanted to focus on the ‘retreat’ part. That’s why our Teacups are wood-framed structures with traditional-home grade insulation that feature tile backsplashes and high-end finishes! No matter how you use your Teacup, we wanted to give you the comfort of a traditional home!


We also wanted to build you something that would last, which brings us to our next point: lifespan. 


Did you know that the lifespan of an RV is only twenty years? Tiny cottages might sometimes get lumped in with RVs, but anyone who lives in a tiny cottage will tell you that it’s a totally different thing.  The experience is like a home, instead of an RV and your Teacup will last far longer than two measly decades. And unlike an RV, it will be much easier to renovate when the time comes. That’s because you’ll be hiring someone who renovates homes, and they are much easier to track down than someone who renovates RVs!


Even if you don’t plan to keep your Teacup parked in an RV community forever, they can still be great places to hunker down while you’re getting started. Not only will you have neighbors equipped to support you, but you’ll likely have ordinances on your side. You’ll also be able to live close to nature and benefit from community- all while living in a seriously upgraded house!


So, where are you planning to park your Teacup? We always love to hear from you, so feel free to shoot us an email or DM us on Instagram to tell us your plans!


If you’re stuck on any one aspect of your journey, here is a link to our FAQ page. And if you can’t find your answer, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We have a ton of resources to help you through any stage!


Have you already chosen your Teacup and obtained financing? If that’s the case, it’s time to book a Discovery Call. That will be a chance for you to get any lingering questions answered and secure your spot in the build queue!


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See you there!



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