Teacup Tiny Homes - Meet the Team!

team Oct 12, 2022
Who builds Teacup Tiny Homes in Lethbridge Alberta Canada. This is the Teacup Team.

Hello, Jen here!

I started the Teacup Tiny Homes company in 2016 after falling in love with tiny houses while watching HGTV. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that my tiny roots come from my background in traditional home design & construction, and if you don’t follow this blog yet, we’d love to have you! You can join our mailing list here!

When I set out to build a company, my first priority was not actually tiny houses. Well, OK, it was a tiny house company, but what I mean is that from the beginning, my focus has been on people. After all, it’s people who will benefit from the houses!

To that end, my design style has always had a heavy emphasis on fostering emotional connection and functionality. There is just something special about creating spaces that encourage conversation, collaboration, and creativity. I think it’s because, in my mind, these are the tools needed to break free from the (sometimes monotonous) daily grind. I want to see people not just survive but thrive, which requires having the space and the tools to do so.  


Remember when I said that my first priority is people? Well, it’s true, and that includes the A+ team who helps me oversee all of the details. In fact, if there is something I’m more proud of than Teacup’s houses, it’s the people behind them! So, on that note, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to everyone today. That way, when you book a Discovery Call, you’ll be talking to old friends!

And so, without further adieu, meet the team!


Oh, and a quick PSA about Shireen: she’s never watched a horror movie in her life, but when she watches Bridget Jones’ Diary, her British accent goes into overdrive. Just a heads up, for when you book that Discovery Call.

Now, if you want to know who the real BOSS is around here, let me introduce you to Ben.  Ben is officially the Teacup GM (General Manager)  and his main goal is to make sure everything runs and keeps running in a way that upholds Teacup's strong culture, core values and corporate goals.  You probably aren't going to see him much on camera, but it is likely he is in the background eating a really great sandwich, his favourite, or empowering the team to crush their goals.  He is also pretty savvy with a paintbrush after starting his own paint company in college.  


This brings us to the next key element of the Teacup Team, Nicole.  Nicole is our material girl, living in a material world... But actually, she is responsible for making sure all of the materials are ordered, ready to install, PO'd and accounted for. It might sound like it isn't that hard, but it is one of the most important parts that keep the wheels going around. Without her strong attention to detail and whipping the team into shape (including me) delays would be inevitable.   Although her day-to-day activities are important, it is Nicole's awesome sense of humour, ability to take charge and anticipate the needs of the team that make her a HUGE asset here at Teacup.  


 The next person you will likely meet is Adam!  Adam has been lending a hand on construction sites since he was old enough to hold a hammer.  His dad (Ryan) has taught him a lot about all elements of the build which is important when he takes you on your walk-throughs during your build!  With a twinkle in his eye, Adam will show off your home to you during your scheduled build walk-throughs and also show you how to use your tiny during your orientation. 



Now, on to the rest of the team!


Connor: Loves framing and woodwork, and hates using a grinder to cut steel roofing.  He is usually the shop DJ, and USUALLY, we don't complain much about what's playing.  With hockey, baseball and sports as a part of his life he brings his teamwork attitude with him every day!




Bret:  What can we say about Bret?  We recently found out that he cannot do backflips, except for the one time when he was younger when he was hit by a car..... and did a backflip.  Yes, this was his story from our last Monday morning ice-breaker meeting. Aside from that,  he is very organized with his activities, is scheduled, and detailed and has become a pro at flooring, siding and roofing installs.




Brandon: There is not a time that Brandon walks into the office without a smile on his face. Want to know a guy who has been through a lot?  It's him.  His appreciation for life is contagious throughout the team.  Besides his great attitude, Brandon is always ready to lend a hand and takes care of most of the electrical duties in the shop.


Tyler:  As a journeyman HVAC technician and the guy who likely has the most OG Teacup T-Shirts, Tyler joined the team to expand and grow his passion for woodworking and finishing.  These 2 talents are pretty far apart on the spectrum but he does them both with accuracy, high-level quality and huge attention to detail.   Oh, and he's kinda funny. 



Vincent:  A man of many talents.  With an extremely creative mind and the ability to create almost all of the ideas he has he leads the team on the floor and drives everyone on the team forward.  He is meticulous, extremely knowledgeable and an all-around go-to kinda guy.  As a journeyman carpenter, he is a true and natural leader!