Introducing Our New Teacup Models!

Aug 17, 2022
Kitchen space in a tiny house

See Our New Teacup Models! 

Wow! Have we really been designing tiny homes for seven years?! Yup, it turns out we have! (Shireen even double-checked our math!) It's hard to believe it's been that long, but apparently, time really does fly when you're having fun! 


We have had the best time creating Teacups. Each design has been thoughtfully considered to help future inhabitants grow closer together and live life at a higher saturation point. But while we're incredibly proud of all we've done, we will admit that we have learned a thing or two along the way!


Teacup is a company built upon lifelong learning. And to that end, we continually update our designs and best practices. So what does that mean for you? It means that the tiny cottages we're rolling out now are better than ever! In fact, if you haven't been by our gallery lately, you may want to check it out because we've added a whole new fleet of Teacup tiny homes to the mix! Allow us to introduce you!

Margo II 


Margo II is the running favorite of 2022- and we had a hunch she would be! Margo II is similar to our popular Margo I model; we just give you more! And if you're curious, here are the stats.

The Margo II Tiny home bedroom and living space

Margo II provides 390 square feet of living space and can sleep six people. Yup, we said six! She features a downstairs bedroom with two additional lofts, so you can host the tiny party (or camping trip!) of your dreams. And at 30 feet long and 8.5 feet wide, this model is still road legal, so you won't have to get special transportation permits for moving.


Margo II has so much room for personalization- particularly in the bathroom! In fact, if you missed our recent post about your Teacup personalization options, here is a link to read up about those. We want your Margo II to feel like yours.

The Margo II Tiny home bathroom

So how is Margo II different from Margo I? Great question! Our customers loved the breakfast bar but requested a touch more counter space. To accommodate both desires, we extended the counter of Margo II another few feet and created an L-shaped penninsula. This means Margo II offers more cooking space while preserving your ability to dine by a window!

The Margo II Tiny home kitchen



Bernice might be new, but she's quickly stealing hearts. Her bones are based on our popular Ruby model- so if she looks familiar, that's why!


There is nothing wrong with Ruby, but like Margo II, we simply wanted to give you more, so that's what we've done!

The Bernice Tiny home living area

Ruby is 30 feet long and provides 380 square feet of space, but if you need a little more room, Bernice delivers many of the same features on a 34-foot chassis! So how many square feet does that give you? A full 423! Please enjoy! 


People loved Ruby's potential for a full-sized dining table, and we get it! After all, meal time is a great way to bring people together, so rest assured, Amelia has a dining nook too!


Even with a dining nook, Amelia still has so much extra space! So how would you like to use it? Would you like a wood-burning stove? Or maybe a ceiling fan? How about a privacy wall? There are so many options, and we can't wait to see how you will personalize your Amelia!



World, meet Ellie! Even we were surprised by how much we were able to fit inside!


At 34 feet long and with 423 square feet of space, Ellie can sleep six, so bring your friends! (And maybe tell the kids you were kidding about them having to sleep outside!) Ellie has plenty of room for everyone, and there is so much to look forward to! 


Want to know what you say yes to when you choose Ellie?




Ellie has a downstairs bedroom and two lofts. There is a massive hall closet, built-in furniture in every room, and a kitchen that our customers have tested over and over again. We promise it is seamless to cook in.

The Ellie Tiny home living area and bedroom

Ellie can come equipped with a bedside table. And we're kind of ridiculously proud of the way we reduced the number of ladder steps by giving you a dining room table. One that is also a storage bench!

The Ellie Tiny home kitchen

What's that? You wanted a microwave as well as a gas cooktop? Done. How about a composting toilet that will make parking Ellie easier? OK, it's yours. And we haven't even gotten to the decor choices yet! When you have a moment, be sure to let us know how you feel about pendant lighting, and beautiful windows, OK? Excellent. 




Were you looking for a 36-foot long tiny cottage or tiny home? Perfect. In that case, stand by because Florence has JUST been launched over on the website, and she is a show stopper.


If you dream of a romantic breakfast in bed, Florence is here to serve you! OK, she won't actually bring you eggs, but she will come equipped with the perfect kitchen for omelet making and has enough space to walk around an entire three-sides of a queen bed. (almost unheard of in a tiny home),

The Florence Tiny home kitchen

And once you do find someone to make you breakfast, get this: you can dine alfresco without leaving your bed.


Whaaaat? That's right! Florence features a downstairs bedroom with a sliding door. So you can munch on croissants in bed with a breeze from the windows. One note of caution: this setup is extremely alluring, so if you plan to use Florance as an Airbnb, just make sure to not black out all the dates for your personal use!



And that's the team! There truly is a Teacup for everyone,  so your only job is to be an expert on yourself!


If you're still in the information-gathering stage of your tiny journey, we invite you to subscribe to this blog and follow us on Instagram to learn more. And once you're ready, we'll set up a Discovery Call to talk through your options and get you a space in the build queue! 


Do you want to hear something cool? Your Teacup is even closer now than when you started reading this article! So keep up the good work, and our team is here when you need us.

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you next week!