Your New Life is Going to Cost You Your Old One

Jun 23, 2022
people walking down stairs in a tiny home

Here at Teacup, everything we do is in pursuit of reimagining the work-til-we-die narrative. We want to see our customers come alive, say yes to long-forgotten passions, and fall in love with the rest of their lives starting right now.

 bathroom sink and bath in a tiny home


Teacup customers can attest to the fact that another, more vibrant version of their lives exists, but if you are looking to join them, here is the first bit of wisdom you need to make your peace with: your new life is going to cost you your old one. 


Being willing to examine one’s life is not something most people are willing to do. But we suspect that you have more courage than most. After all, you’re browsing a tiny house blog, which probably means that you are a curious person in pursuit of something more!


The good news is that there is more. The life that awaits on the other side of tiny is real, but in order to welcome in the new, you must be prepared to release what isn’t working.


So what isn’t working in your life? What will you have to say goodbye to in order to usher in your new life of freedom?

 White Noise

Well, if you’re like most, you probably have a lot of busyness in your life. In tiny-house-world, we sometimes refer to this as white noise. You like the idea of peace and quiet, and you’d love to go on a quick weekend getaway, but those things require time and money and the handling of logistical details that, to be honest, you just don’t have the bandwidth to attend to. You never meant for your life to have so many pieces, but here you are, and now you just want a break in the cycle to breathe.


You are not alone. In fact, if you resonate with the sentiments expressed above, you are in the majority. But shouldn’t there be more to life than being constantly ‘on?’ 

 woman and girl in the bedroom of a tiny home

Even if you agree, our team at Teacup recognizes that slowing down and curating a more meaningful life is hard. But that’s why we build tiny cottages! You see, we wanted to do everything in our power to make sure that your single moment of courage is rewarded by a tiny cottage that will do the heavy lifting for you once you say yes.

 Tiny Home Rewards

So what kinds of rewards await? So many! Tiny houses & cottages are known to condense life. They concentrate the things we value, and they act as a filter to sift out the things we don’t.


Imagine for a moment two versions of your life.


One version is your life as it is. There are many great things about your life, but there is still something missing. There is the person you could be, the family connection you could have, and the rumored serenity that always feels just out of reach.


But then you say yes to a Teacup - maybe our Margo model.

 A Life of Abundance

You go about your day, but something is decidedly different. You have already said yes to a life of abundance, and so while you might be waiting in the pick-up line at school or trying to make it to yoga after dinner and before the class starts, you know that your Teacup is holding space for you.

 tiny home office space

Somewhere, not too far away, your Margo sits waiting. Even the thought of the bay windows, the soaking tub, and the idea of silence are enough to relax you. That electric fireplace upgrade in the living room warms you even as you sit in your office, and the memory of your latest meal at the breakfast bar will stay with you wherever you go. This place is not only real, but it’s yours, and you are free to visit at any time.

 Your Tiny Secret

Here is the best part: you don’t have to hold up the world alone anymore. You don’t have to budget for and figure out the logistics of time away because your cottage is ready and waiting. A Teacup tiny cottage is your secret, powerhouse resource that will keep you energized and centered no matter what your day-to-day looks like. In fact, we sometimes feel like our cottages should come with a warning label: Teacups may cause tiny-glow.

 exterior view of the Margo tiny home

Purchasing a Teacup is an investment- and yes, we use that word purposefully. While some might use it as an actual investment property, any Teacup owner will benefit endlessly from their tiny cottage. We say this because while each of our models comes with a price point, the return on investment comes to you in the form of things that are priceless.


On their deathbed, people never say that they wish they’d made more money; they wish for more time. They wish for a more saturated life experience and for closer relationships with the people they love. 


Here at Teacup, we get that it’s hard to make the transition, even despite all you stand to gain. It’s hard to deviate from the norm, and it’s hard to differentiate yourself from your neighbors. In a world where we are praised for working ourselves to the bone, it’s difficult to welcome decadence.


But what if you saying yes to decadence is just the change the world needs? What if you could be the example of vibrancy that would inspire your circle of friends and colleagues? What if the best thing you could give your children is an example of what it looks like to work for your money but live for your soul?


Your new life is going to cost you your old one. 


But what do you think? Are you ready to set down the chaos and leave behind the white noise? Are you prepared to alleviate yourself from the pressure to live up to the Joneses and the expense of traditional vacations? Are you prepared to leave it all behind in the name of falling in love with life once again? Or maybe for the very first time?


Your new life is going to cost you your old one, but it just might be worth it.


It’s at least worth learning more, right?


Talking with a member of our team is always free, and you can book a Discovery Call here.

Until next time,