Your Best Valentine's Day Ever (In a Teacup Tiny House!)

Feb 08, 2023
Tiny home kitchen and living area

Your Best Valentine's Day Ever (In a Teacup Tiny House!)

It's almost Valentine's Day! And here at Teacup, we just want to know one thing. 

Have you experienced the following version of this holiday?

You are all dressed up. And, of course, you wore red; it's Valentine's Day, after all. You've picked a swanky restaurant, your date is wearing the outfit they know is your favorite, and you are fully prepared to order four courses. At least four courses.

You are not, however, prepared for the host to apologize profusely and explain that your table isn't ready and that you’ll have to wait an additional forty-five minutes.

You and your date get hangry in the meantime, which leads to a teeny-tiny fight, and by the time you actually are seated at your table, you are informed that the Lover's Seafood Special (the one you literally Instagrammed about all week!) has been sold out. 

Oh, but the restaurant has a pot roast available. (So not Instagram-worthy.)

Then your date decides their outfit itches, the mashed potatoes are cold, the ice cream is half-melted, and your waiter... Actually, what waiter? Was there even someone assigned to your table?


If this Valentine's Day chaos sounds all too familiar, we have good news:

People all over the United States and Canada are enjoying a totally new version of Valentine's Day- the Teacup tiny house edition!

Of course, there are many other reasons to buy a tiny house, but simplifying holiday celebrations is a major bonus of the tiny home lifestyle.

In fact, a Valentine's Day celebrated in a Teacup Tiny House will probably be your best Valentine's Day ever. And with the holiday upon us, we decided to use today's post to tell future tiny home owners about all they have to look forward to. 

(Be careful, though- reading this list could cause you to buy a tiny house! ;))

1. Tiny homes take the "stuff" out of holidays.

Holidays become much less stuff-centric when you celebrate them in a tiny home.

Do you remember that teddy bear you got for Valentine's Day? Neither do we.

If you're like us, you've probably received numerous stuffed animals or cutesy heart mugs over the years. And are any of them cherished items? Or, like us, do you have boxes of stuff in storage and mugs in the back of your cupboard that you never use?

Yup. We know that problem well! But this is where a tiny house will step to help us all take control of the narrative. 

After all, one can't fit an annual teddy bear into a tiny home. (You know, unless that's your thing). Instead, you'll have to decide what you value most.

✔ Chocolate!

✔ Shrimp cocktail!

✔Weekends away!

And spend your money there.

2. You won't have to find parking. On Valentine's Day.

You might have to find tiny house parking (one time), but what you won't have to find is parking downtown on the second busiest going-out holiday of the year. (Mother's Day is the first, according to the National Restaurant Association.) 

This is because tiny home owners know the glory of staying in. 

And why do tiny homeowners want to stay in? Because tiny houses are intentional dwellings that foster connection and spread joy.

In fact, did you know that at Teacup, we create tiny home designs specifically to create those results?

We do! And that brings us to our next Valentine's Day bonus…

3. Teacup tiny homes bring people closer together.

When it comes to tiny home design, there is a lot to know! 

Of course, implementing plenty of kitchen storage is important, but it's also vital that you can navigate your tiny home seamlessly, use it intuitively, and that it fosters a connection between you and your loved ones.

That last part is accomplished in two ways, first, by creating spaces that encourage people to be together, and second, by creating ones where tiny home family members can be alone to decompress.

But on Valentine's Day? We bet you'll want to be together. 

So enjoy that L-shaped counter while you watch the chef at work! 

And the electric fireplace upgrade across from the couch.

Oh, and the cozy movie den!

And speaking of cozy...

4. Tiny homes are the coziest thing ever!

Fact: there is nothing cozier than a Teacup tiny home! 

(Ok, technically, that is an unofficial fact, but we challenge you to find someone who disagrees!) 

Maybe it's the size. Or the fact that tiny homes kind of resemble gingerbread houses! 

Whatever it is, tiny homes bring comfort, whimsy, magic, and coziness in spades.

And who wouldn't want to celebrate the coziest, most romantic holiday ever in the coziest, most romantic structure ever? 


If you've already gone tiny, we'd love to see pics of your Teacup tiny house Valentine's Day celebrations. So be sure to tag us on Instagram!

And if you haven't gone tiny yet, we are here to tell you that we believe in your dreams. Moreover, we're here to help you turn those dreams into reality.

At Teacup, we hear a lot of stories about people who want to go tiny, but often people struggle to take the leap. 

And if that's you, you should know this:

The single most powerful action you can take is to apply for financing.

First, though, close your eyes.

It's cold outside, but the tiny home of your dreams is awash with lights.

Inside, your favorite comfort meal simmers on the stove.

There is champagne in the ice bucket. And a candle flickering on the table.

The after-dinner movie will be enjoyed on a seventy-inch projector in your personal movie theater.

In the bathroom, a bubble bath is prepped.

And since you didn't spend money on restaurants, new clothes, parking, or teddy bears that no one really wanted, you are finally financially free. 


The rest of your life begins with a 5k deposit.

And the link to book a Discovery Call.

Until then,