Did You Hear the Tiny House Rumor About Us?

Feb 01, 2023

Did You Hear the Tiny House Rumor About Us? 

So you may have heard a rumor about Teacup Tiny Homes recently.

And can we just clear the air?

The rumor is totally, absolutely, 100%... TRUE.

Teacup Tiny Homes Now Offers Year-Round Tiny Home Parking.

Woo! This has been quite the undertaking, but we are so excited to double down on our commitment to you and help you solve one of your greatest obstacles to embarking on a tiny home journey: finding legal tiny house parking.

We know you're probably super excited to hear the details (like the price) of these parking spaces, so we won't keep you waiting in suspense. 

*Read through to the end of this post, though, because legal tiny home parking is just the beginning. The nearby amenities at Crowsnest Pass are pretty amazing!*


But first, here are the details: 

Price: $600/month (with a discount for paying annually!)

Location: The Crowsnest Pass just outside the town of Blairmore, Alberta, Canada

Utilities Available: Water, sewer, and 50 amp electricity

Rent Includes: Water, sewer, trash service, and snow removal. Electricity is billed separately.

Pad: Gravel - 30x90" (approximately)

Spots Available: Only four left. 

So is your Teacup tiny house in the build queue yet?!

We would love to save you a spot, but unfortunately, tiny home parking is a hot commodity. So if you would like to join our Crowsnest Pass Tiny Home Village, here is what you'll need to do.

  1. Figure out financing for your build. (You can take our financing quiz here!)
  2. Set up a Discovery Call, so we can help you shape your dream into an action plan.
  3. Put down your 5k deposit, and wave your arms in the air while shouting, "I'm moving to Crowsnest Pass Tiny Home Village!" 

We'll even plant a tiny flag in the ground with your name on it. 

Is it scary to take action on your dreams? For sure. 

But if the tiny home lifestyle is one you can't get out of your head, it might be time to answer the call. 

If it helps to calm your nerves, remember that here at Teacup, we have been building tiny homes and guiding people on tiny home journeys for almost a decade.

So the day you say yes to your tiny home journey, we literally have an entire team with a whole realm of experience waiting to catch you. You are in charge of your adventure, but you will not have to go tiny alone.

In fact, here are just a few of the ways you can find support:

  • You can subscribe to this blog to learn about the tiny home lifestyle and decide if we are the builder for you.
  • You can follow us on Instagram and TikTok to see what our homes are like and learn tiny house tips.
  • You can visit the Whispering Birch - a Teacup Tiny located right in the Crowsnest Tiny Home Village we are talking about (!!) - and see for yourself what the feel of going tiny will mean for you.
  • If you decide to build with us, you can participate in the Teacup Academy, an online portal that will guide you through every step of the build process. It will also teach you about tiny home maintenance!
  • You can have one of our tiny home parking spots! Or at least we could offer that on the day this post was published. (There are only four available, remember?!)

What else can you expect when you decide to work with us here at Teacup Tiny Homes? 

Well, you should know that we're a tell-it-like-it-is company. That's why we told you the price of our tiny home parking spots up front. 

Because is it just us, or are you also over companies that keep information shrouded in mystery while sucking you into complicated sales pitches?

To us, that's the opposite of tiny home simplicity, and so here's what we do instead: we make you the driver. We're just the guide. Sound good? Awesome. 

And with that, can we please tell you what makes the Crowsnest Pass Tiny Home Village so great?! We can't wait any longer!

OK, have you heard the real estate phrase: location, location, location?

That's exactly the phrase that applies here. In fact, if you indulge us, here is a snapshot of what your day might look like if you choose to rent one of our legal tiny home parking spots!

You wake up to a stunning view of the mountains. 

You're in the Teacup tiny home of your dreams and wrapped in the world's softest bedding. (Yes, you bought the expensive sheets, but you can easily afford them because your tiny house life no longer involves buying everything in sight. Spoiler alert: The sheets are delicious.)

You pour a steaming cup of coffee from your French press and step out to enjoy the fresh mountain air. And if you (or your dog!) would like a little company, it's only a short walk to wave hello to your tiny home neighbor. This place is about community, after all. 

Are you feeling brunch? We thought you might be. Fortunately, brunch is also just a short walk away. In fact, the town of Blairmore is just a short walk away. So since no one is driving, have that mimosa. And when you're done, there are art galleries to browse, shops to visit, more coffee to obtain, and, oh, and did we mention skiing?

If you like skiing, you should know that your tiny home parking space is close to three ski areas. The Pass Powderkeg Ski Hill, Castle Mountain Ski Resort, and Fernie Ski Resort are practically in your backyard. 

And if you are looking for a lower-key weekend activity, there is a yoga studio in Coleman or you can check out the interpretive centre at Frank Slide. There are also hiking trails, great fishing spots, and prime bird-watching opportunities! 

However you spend your day, your evening at the Crowsnest Pass Tiny Home Village will come to a close with an epic mountain sunset. And as night settles around you, your Teacup tiny house will begin to glow like a romantic vacation getaway. Which it might be- or maybe this is your life all year round.

Like we said before, this is your story; we're just the guide.

It all starts with a 5k deposit and one word: yes.

Until then,