What to do When You Get Off-Track on Your Tiny Home Journey: Introducing 90-Day Goals!

Mar 01, 2023
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What to do When You Get Off-Track on Your Tiny Home Journey: Introducing 90-Day Goals!

Is the motivation you felt at New Year's dropping off? If so, that's normal. It definitely gets tougher to keep motivation going strong after the fireworks have subsided and everyone has come down from their holiday sugar rush.

But while it's normal to feel a dip, it can still be discouraging when you have a big dream- like a tiny home journey- on the line.

That's why today on our tiny house blog, we're going to leave the holiday hype where it belongs and introduce you to a new system. One that will help get your tiny home journey back on track.

Have you ever heard of 90-day goals? Because if you haven't, you'll definitely want to keep reading!

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90-day goals are massively powerful and can help you accomplish your dreams even long after you are living in a Teacup tiny house!

A 90-day goal is a goal that is paired with a 90-day timeline. And they are great because three months is long enough to accomplish something substantial but short enough that the end is in sight. This makes them way more effective than New Year's resolutions, which stretch on until we forget about them.

So how do you apply this system of 90-day goals to a tiny home journey?

You'll want to begin with your why.

Everyone will have a different 'why' for wanting to buy a tiny house. Maybe you want to split your time between states without paying two mortgages. So you buy two tiny houses (rent out whichever you're not using to traveling nurses) and enjoy a mobile life.

Or you may have fond memories of vacationing at a family property in the woods as a kid and want to create similar memories with your own spouse or children.

Or maybe you are just tired of living in a 9-5 corporate world, and you need to confirm what you've always suspected: that magic is real.

There is no wrong reason to buy a tiny house, and here at Teacup, our team is constantly amazed by the variety of 'whys' that draw our clients to a tiny home. But whatever your why, it's important to keep it close because it's what will power you through when your motivation hits a low point.

In fact, your why is such a powerful motivator that we recommended writing it down and putting it somewhere you will see it. 

Did you do it? We'll wait.

I want to go tiny because I am tired of spending my life at work to pay for an apartment I basically only live in on the weekends.

Or something like that. 

You'll make up your own, but don't skip this part!

OK, are you ready for the next piece?

It's time to break your goal (to buy a tiny house) into smaller pieces.

We know you'd like to just buy a tiny house, and trust us, we'd like to just sell you one. But we care about your long-term happiness, and for this to go well, there are a few things you'll need to do to set yourself up for success. 

That's why the next step to building out a 90-day goal is to list all of the micro-pieces leading up to your big goal: to buy a tiny house.

Your 90-day tiny home goal will be unique to you, of course, but below are a few pieces you may want to consider. 

  • I will downsize my home by x percent.
  • I will spend one hour every Sunday for the next three months researching tiny home parking options.
  • I will get quotes on tiny home insurance.
  • I will apply for tiny home financing
  • I will choose a Teacup tiny home floor plan.
  • I will book a Discovery Call to ask questions.
  • I will put down my 5k deposit (Because you know it's only a 5k deposit at Teacup, right?!)

The above steps are all important, but as you consider them, please note that you don’t have to accomplish them all within a single 90-day window.

Of course, buying a tiny home in 90 days is possible, but if you are downsizing a family of four + a Great Dane from a 3,000-square-foot house to a tiny home, moving out to the country, and learning how to live off-grid, it might be beneficial to set up a few 90-day goals!

So while we hope this article pumps you up and motivates you to bring your luxury tiny home to life, make sure you build a 90-day goal that's achievable in your given situation. 

And once you have, there is only one thing left to do.

It's time to manifest your tiny home dream like never before.

Do you still have that pen handy? Excellent. Now you're going to write down the sentence that you will speak every single day for the next three months. After that, you're off the hook, OK? That's the beauty of 90-day goals; the end is in sight!

Here's how to build your magical manifestation sentence: 

  • State what you want in the present tense
  • State what you are doing to further your cause in the present tense
  • Express gratitude

Here is an example:

My Teacup is on its way because I am [applying for financing this week] and I am grateful.

*Then proceed to do your most elaborate celebration dance OR put on a song and play the movie in your head of the day we hand you the keys. (Yes, we're crying too.)

Manifestation works best when you feel the related emotions while you visualize your success. And so, while it might feel a little silly to become spontaneously emotional, it's actually a powerful exercise practiced by performers, athletes, and other high-performing people.

And why wouldn't you be emotional? After all, a tiny home journey is a life-changing event. And on that note, let us tell you something we know as tiny home builders. 

There is nothing more rewarding than watching our clients shift from the life they could have settled for to the life they dared to dream of. 

So what is the 'why' that's driving your tiny home journey? What are the next steps you need to take? And what life awaits on the other side of your 90-day goals? 

Thanks for reading, and we hope to meet you on a Discovery Call soon.

Your Teacup is in sight.