Summer Lovin’ in a Teacup Tiny Cottage

Jul 06, 2022
Living area and loft bedroom of a tiny cottage

Do you remember the last day of school?


The hallways buzzed with excitement, plans were solidified, and the air crackled with electricity. 


Sure, there were yearbooks to sign and final papers to turn in, but when the buzzer rang, responsibility gave way to possibility.  


Summer was time to roam and indulge. For the next three months, the grind was suspended in honor of living, and the world was ripe with romance. This was your summer vacation.


And then we grew up.


Of all the things we lose when we enter adulthood, the romance of summer vacation is one of the most devastating losses.


Romance thrives on freshness and adventure, so it can fall by the wayside without summer vacation to help it flourish. We can’t exactly go back to high school, though, so how do we recapture the magic as adults? 

 Living area and loft bedroom of a tiny cottage

That’s where a Teacup tiny cottage comes in.


A tiny cottage is more than just a roof. It’s actually a magical portal designed to transport you back to a simpler time and place. If you subscribe to this blog, you’ve probably heard us talk about tiny house magic, and what better application than to help you fall in love all over again? 


If it’s been a while since you’ve had a summer romance, you may want to put your phone on airplane mode for a minute and listen up because this is important. Here’s what you stand to gain when you say yes to a Teacup tiny cottage!




Imagine coming home on a Friday. Maybe you would usually order pizza, stay up late watching Netflix, and catch up on laundry. But what if you didn’t? Laundry is hardly romantic, after all.

 tiny cottage kitchen

What if, instead, you spent Friday afternoon packing up the car, and by Friday evening, you were living in a no-phone zone and having a glass of chardonnay with your loved one? What if, instead of Netflix, there were fireflies? And instead of laundry, there were deep conversations in your tiny, cozy living room?


This kind of experience is possible, and here at Teacup, we’ve done everything we can to make the logistics of going tiny seamless. So don’t worry; we’ll walk you through every step in this article. In fact, there is only one thing that you have to do, and that’s know what your ideal summer romance looks like!


If your idea of romance is taking the ultimate bubble bath, you’ll want to check out our Margo model. The Margo can be outfitted with your choice of bathroom layout options.  Maybe a stand-up shower? Or it could be built with a 60” show-stopping fiberglass bathtub that we know you won’t regret! If you’re a nighttime bath person, we made sure our tub has room on all sides for you to set all the candles you can handle. And if you’re a fan of afternoon baths, we hope you enjoy the daylight as it filters through bay windows of the luxury bath option.  

 exterior of a tiny cottage at night

Maybe your idea of romance is sitting down to a real meal with your partner. If that’s the case, let us direct you to The Ruby! Both the Original Ruby and The Ruby-3-Season come with an actual dining room table to facilitate the kind of meal most of us struggle to make happen mid-week. We wanted to give you a place to enjoy that lingering dinner you cooked from scratch. So go on, queue up that playlist and break out the appetizers! The dinner of your dreams really is that close.


Is your idea of romance an adventure built for two? If so, our Summer's Night Dream model could be your best bet! The Summer's Night Dream is our lightest-weight, and best values tiny cottage, so if you’re planning to be on the move, this is the option we’d recommend. So what’s your adventure style? Are you two mountain bike enthusiasts? White water rafters? Or maybe hikers that like to meander for as long as you like? If all you need for your summer romance is to chase your next adventure, then The Summer's Night Dream will give you the flexibility you need to make your relationship thrive!

 bedroom and kitchen of a tiny cottage

Whichever Teacup you choose, here is the best part: you own it. Hotels can be thrilling, but there is also a lack of personalization. With a tiny cottage, you can be sure that the sheets are to die for, that the wine in the fridge is your favorite, and that the decor is really you. And, because you own it, it could even reduce the cost of your vacations! That’s right; you could get a more saturated and customized experience for a more attainable price.


Chances are, you’re on board with the idea of a romantic summer getaway. So if there’s anything giving you pause, it’s probably the details. But, as we said earlier, we’re here to make the logistics of going tiny seamless. So here is a list of the steps to make things easy and get you to your most romantic summer yet! 

Step 1: Get to Know Us


You can follow us on Instagram, subscribe to this blog, and watch our YouTube videos to decide if we are the builder for you!

Step 2: Choose Your Favorite Plan 


We mentioned a few in this article, but we currently have eleven Teacup plans for you to choose from! You can browse the complete list here.

Step 3: Complete Your Online Builder Estimate


The Online Builder Estimate will give you an idea of the approximate cost of your build with any upgrades you desire. Transparency is kind of our thing.

Step 4: Get Finances in Order


We are here to help with this too! You can take our Financing Assessment Quiz if you’d like to know more about your financing options.

Step 5: Book a Discovery Call


Once you’ve decided on a direction, we can help you with the details! This is usually the stage where people go around in circles, but don’t drive yourself crazy with the small stuff when it’s free to get us on the phone! We’re not high-pressure people, so just call, and we’ll help you talk it through!  

Well, that’s all for us today! If there’s one thing we could leave you with, though, it would be this: stay hopeful. Summer romance is still a thing; it’s just time to reinvent it.


Until next time,