Your Best Options for Getting Internet to Your Teacup!

how to get internet in a tiny home tiny home internet Oct 19, 2022
Luxury park model living room by teacup tiny homes in Hamilton Ontario

Your Best Options for Getting Internet to Your Teacup!

In a world as busy as this one, we understand wanting to get away. And nothing helps you turn down the white noise quite like escaping to a Teacup tiny cottage! But while you are probably looking forward to ignoring your email, it's still important to have an internet connection for the fun stuff! But how would that even work?

 Luxury park model living room by teacup tiny homes in Hamilton Ontario

If you’ve been wondering how one gets the internet to a tiny cottage, you’re in luck because that’s the topic we’re tackling today! And don’t worry, there are several options out there, so whether you plan to be stationary and close to town or far away in a forest, there is an internet option for you. Just keep reading to find the perfect fit!


Hardwired Internet.


Let's start with the scenario where your Teacup is parked near town. You wouldn't think so, but it actually is possible to get internet hardwired to a tiny cottage! 


Getting hardwired internet will require that your Teacup is parked in an area that falls within a service provider's "footprint," AKA the area they service. Footprints tend to cover densely populated areas, so if you're parked in a town, you're probably in luck. The only other thing you'll need is an address.

Now, don't panic; your tiny cottage doesn't need to have its own address; it will just need to be parked on a property with one. Most internet companies can install a few modems (with completely separate plans) per address, so unless there are twelve tiny cottages on the property, you should be good to go.


So you can hardwire the internet to your Teacup, but should you? Well, that depends on the specifics of your situation. Hardwired internet is the most secure, so if it's accessible and you plan to be stationary, it could be the best option. One last note, though!


Hardwired internet requires physically tying into a cable at a "tap” point. This could become a costly endeavour if the tap is more than a few hundred feet from your tiny cottage. So if this is the case (or you'd like to be on the move), a wifi extender could be a better option!

Wifi Extenders.


Let's say your Teacup is parked in the backyard of a traditional home. In this situation, it may be possible to piggyback on the internet from the main house using a wifi extender.


Wifi extenders lure a signal to an area where it might be weak. They were originally intended to spread a signal throughout big houses, but they work pretty well for nearby tiny cottages too!


Before you get excited, though, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind! The main one is that this will not be an independent internet setup; you will have to rely on the person who owns the modem that transmits the internet you want to piggyback on. If you are the owner, then perfect! You know the password. But if you aren't, you'll have to obtain it.


You'll also want to be realistic about the bandwidth you'll require. Even if the owner of the internet setup is willing to share, they may need to upgrade their plan for you both to enjoy a reasonable internet speed. Still, if you don't mind a collaboration, this could be a simple and inexpensive way to surf the web in your Teacup.

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Upgraded Phone Plans.


Your cell phone is a mini-computer, and these days, it can also serve as a personal hotspot! There are many tiny cottage internet solutions out there, but if you have a strong cell signal (and want a straightforward way to have your own internet!), upgrading your phone plan could be your easiest answer!


If you choose this route, you'll want to consider both your data limits and your hotspot usage. Increasing your data limits will allow you to rely more heavily on your phone for accessing the internet. It will also allow you to do things like film Instagram lives, which you can't do when using your phone as a hotspot.


When your phone becomes a hotspot, you'll be able to use it to connect to the internet via a laptop, iPad, or desktop computer. And the greater your hotspot capabilities, the more you'll be able to use the internet. Remember that hotspot gets eaten up based on the length of time you use the internet and the amount of bandwidth your internet activities require, so just be sure to shop accordingly.

Satellite Internet.


Do you plan to park your Teacup far away from civilization? Excellent. We love your vision! And don't worry, even if you won't have traditional internet or a cell tower handy, there is still an option for you! 


Enter satellite internet. Unlike traditional internet, satellite internet has no physical cables. And unlike a cellphone, it doesn't rely on cell towers. So how do you get a signal? It's beamed down from space! How cool is that? 

As more people seek out places to get away, the demand for satellite internet increases. And it's rumored to be a reliable option, provided your unit has clear access to the sky.


So what's the downside? Er, well, the price tag. Satellite internet requires you to buy the necessary hardware, which can cost several hundred dollars. You'll also need to subscribe to a monthly plan. Still, if the expense means you can enjoy our new Bernice model in a quiet forest while watching Netflix, it could be worth it!

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