Five Ways Your Teacup Tiny House Will Help You Keep Calm & Carrying on Through the Holidays

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Inside of a Teacup Tiny Home-Tiny Cottage, Margo Floorplan. Christmas in a tiny home.

Five Ways Your Teacup Tiny House Will Help You Keep Calm & Carrying on Through the Holidays

Here at Teacup, we love the holidays just as much as the next person. But sometimes, they can be a touch stressful!

Fortunately, if you have plans to buy a tiny house, we have good news about your future. There is no better tool than a Teacup tiny home to assist you in keeping calm and carrying on during a season filled with plans and family.

How does a tiny house help you accomplish this monumental task? Well, tiny houses are very crafty! So read on, and we’ll tell you how Teacup tiny home owners are experiencing more joy and less stress around the holidays.

1. Tiny Homes Bring Us Back to What Matters

For decades, consumer companies have done their best to write the narrative that if we aren’t decorating our homes in a new holiday color scheme each year, we’re somehow failing.

We’re also expected to buy gifts for every person we’ve spoken with over the last twelve months, hang strings of lights, bake at least ten from-scratch recipes, and seriously consider placing a fifteen-foot inflatable snowman in our front yard.

But what if all we really want is our grandmother’s stuffing and to sit around playing board games? This is the beauty of tiny living; this lifestyle encourages you to return to what matters most.

The minute you take the keys, you’ve given yourself a special license to live life (and celebrate holidays!) on your terms. And while some family members might need a quick second to adjust, we find that most people will understand why you don’t want an inflatable snowman that’s bigger than your house.

So go ahead and skip the inflatables. But maybe save us some stuffing?

2. Tiny Homes Simplify Decor

We might build tiny homes in Canada, but you can buy a tiny home from us if you live in the United States as well. Wherever you live, you are about to reap the benefits of small-space living because tiny home decor is so much simpler.

Our clients who come from traditionally-sized houses tell us that they used to have bags and boxes of decorations, and that their collections seemed to swell with each passing year. But when they decided to buy a tiny house, the system changed.

Tiny housers know they can’t have everything, and that encourages a person to be mindful about which specific holiday decor items bring them joy. If you get a lot of value out of stockings, maybe it’s time to get some really high-quality ones. Or if you have a vintage set, maybe it’s time to highlight them the way they deserve.

There’s no wrong way to decorate a tiny home, but hopefully, you can breathe a little easier knowing that it’s going to cost less, involve less plastic, pack more of a punch, and not require nearly the storage it did in years gone by.

3. Tiny Homes Encourage Simple Cooking

Let’s face it, food is a huge part of holiday celebrations! But nothing overwhelms a tiny house quite like following twelve recipes to a ‘T.’ Once you buy a tiny house, you will learn that substituting ingredients (for ones you have), foregoing garnish ingredients, and turning anything you can into a one-pot meal, will serve you well.

Of course, we know tiny home dwellers who’ve cooked three-course meals from scratch in their small kitchens without a problem, but if you were looking for permission to simplify the cooking this year, there is no better way than the phrase, because tiny house.

4. Tiny Homes Limit the Crowd

If you love the idea of having your extended family stay over after the celebrations, then you are in luck because our Ellie model sleeps six people! So invite all the cousins you want.

Also, many of our models now come with downstairs bedrooms, so you will be able to offer safe and comfortable accommodations regardless of someone’s mobility level.

The bottom line is that your Teacup tiny home exists to serve you. So, if you want company, invite everyone! And if you don’t, we have a feeling that your family will understand the phrase, “we’re just keeping it small this year.” You know, because tiny house!

5. Tiny Homes Encourage Time Spent Together Over Gift-Giving

For some people, gift-giving is a big deal, but for many of us, it’s an expectation that adds considerable stress.

Like anything else, a tiny house won’t put an end to this tradition if it’s one you love. But if the idea of shopping and wrapping gifts for everyone you know adds pressure instead of joy, this could be the perfect opportunity to let your Teacup tiny house take the lead.

Just one note of caution: please be considerate and don’t push your tiny house lifestyle on others.

We find that friends and family are more likely to come aboard if they can make changes on their own timetable. It’s a good idea to express intentions and set boundaries as they pertain to your space, but if your sister’s family is really big on gifts, it might be best to just keep the peace. You can always quietly donate something later on if you need to.


Whew! Are you feeling as relieved reading this post as we do after writing it?

This season all we want to do is put a few drops of cardamom in our diffusers and settle into our tiny living rooms. Did you include a small wood stove or electric fireplace upgrade in your build? Excellent. Then fire that baby up to keep you warm as you eat chocolates straight from the box. Because you’re doing that too, right?!

When you say yes to a tiny house, you take back the reins of your life. So set down the guilt, and say goodbye to what’s not serving you, because it’s time to celebrate the holidays on your terms.

If you are enjoying this holiday season from your Teacup, know that we’re having all the feels with you. And if you haven’t gone tiny yet, we’d love to welcome you into our build queue. May this be the year you uncover tiny house magic!

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Happy holidays, and we can’t wait to meet you.