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Be an expert on yourself, and we guide you through the rest. Building a tiny should be as simple and enjoyable as the life you desire. Let us help you get there.

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Living room design in a teacup tiny home for sale
What are my next steps?
Tiny home luxury kitchen by Teacup Tiny Homes
tiny home kitchen and living room design with main floor bedroom
Huge bathroom in a tiny home by Teacup Tiny Homes
Main floor bedroom in a tiny house in the Summer's Night Dream Plan
tiny home with space for a table and a living room in the Ruby plan by Teacup Tiny Homes
Tiny Home exterior by Teacup tiny Homes in Lethbridge Alberta
Stairs to a private bedroom in a tiny home for sale by Teacup Tiny Homes

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It's time. Your most authentic life is calling. Some people never answer the call, but most people aren't you.

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"I had 4 housing deals fall through prior. I was searching for options that would work for me after that and then I stumbled upon Teacup on the internet one day exploring my options. Teacup stuck with me the whole way through my journey and even got different building credentials to get the job done. The client experience has been pretty bang on. I like the social media aspect of it and how our stories get involved with the overall image of the company somewhat. I also like the communication that we do have. It's solid."

 Max Zimmer   The Tagish - Ft. McMurray AB

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