Why a Teacup is Your Ultimate Hygge Home

Nov 23, 2022
Tiny Home Livingroom in a Ruby plan by Teacup Tiny Homes

Why a Teacup is Your Ultimate Hygge Home


Have you ever heard the term hygge? Native English speakers might be tempted to pronounce it like we were shortening the word ‘hedgehog,’ but it’s actually pronounced “HOO-gah.” And unlike the prickly animals, hygge has to do with coziness!


The word comes from the Danish, and in fact, is considered to be a hallmark of Danish culture. Here is the complete definition: 


A quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.


Photo of The Ellie Tiny Home.

Seriously, have you ever heard of a better word to describe a tiny house? ‘Hygge’ incorporates so many of the elements that make for an elevated life. And, after all, isn’t an elevated life the point of a tiny house lifestyle?


Sometimes on this blog, we share information about things like financing or parking your tiny home. Today, however, we will set those practical pieces aside and lean hard into Fall; it’s time to enjoy all the tiny house feels! 


If you haven’t gone tiny yet, this post will reveal all you have to look forward to! And if you live tiny already, well, IYKYK! (If you know, you know!)


So let’s dig a little deeper by breaking the definition of hygge into sections, so we can show you how a Teacup is your ultimate hygge home! We’ll start with coziness!



There is nothing cozier than tiny living. And if you’ve been thinking you want to buy a tiny home, get ready because the cozy factor is off the charts!


There are many things we do to make Teacups cozy. Soft lighting and the warmth of an electric fireplace upgrade are just the beginning. 


Ambiance can’t be overlooked, but did you know coziness is also achieved by the size of the structure? There is something special about sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket and being able to see your resources so close to you. We know tiny housers who say they feel daily washes of gratitude because of the mere proximity to the kitchen they’ve always wanted or the in-unit laundry they’ve never had. 


Finally, the word ‘cozy’ suggests an inherent feeling of safety, which a tiny house provides in spades. We don’t mean that in an insurance kind of way, but rather that tiny houses provide a feeling of being cared for. It’s a little strange the first time you experience it, but it will almost feel like your Teacup has a soul. And that brings us to the next part of the definition: comfortable conviviality.

Photo: Family Cuddling on a sofa in a Ruby Living Room

Comfortable Conviviality

Conviviality isn’t a word most of us use very often, but it is defined as the quality of being friendly and lively. 


Do you want to see your family embrace more comfortable conviviality? Most families or relationships fall into a slump from time to time. It’s just too easy for each person to interact with a screen in a separate room. 


You will get absolutely no judgment from us (our families do it too!), but if you want to bring people together, a Teacup tiny home is the perfect vessel for reinvigorating aliveness.


Photo: The new Amelia Plan

That feeling of aliveness comes from the sense of community that small spaces facilitate. Small spaces require people to be more thoughtful toward one another. They also encourage relationships to flourish because people communicate more when they are physically closer together.


And do you know what happens when people are more thoughtful and spend more time together in close proximity? Yup! They begin to operate from a place of comfortable conviviality. Who knew a tiny house was powerful enough to change how people show up in the world? 


Contentment and Well-Being


The final piece of hygge has to do with contentment and well-being. And can we just say that we love how these two words fit together? Well-being might be the goal, but there is so much well-being to be gained from simply being content and appreciating life as it stands.


Speaking of life as it stands, it’s easy to stay busy in a traditional home! And if you ask us, busyness can often get in the way of contentment and well-being.


In a traditional home, there are large spaces to clean, many objects that need tending to, and multiple rooms to rush around in. But in a tiny house, the busyness melts away. There won’t be nearly as much to clean, and you won’t be burdened by overconsumption. And if you think you’re going to rush around, think again. It’s time to make yourself a cup of that loose-leaf tea, put a log in your wood stove, and finally sit down.


People often underestimate how profound the stillness can be in a tiny home. But as you sit with your tea (before you get lost in that great book!), we’d encourage you to spend a moment taking in your Teacup.


A hot shower, a cozy couch, and a welcoming bed will be at your fingertips. A fully stocked refrigerator will be only steps away, and although you will have the vaulted ceilings you always dreamed of, there will be a quiet, cozy intimacy that’s all yours. Best of all, you will have given yourself the gift of time. 


How’s that for contentment and well-being?




People come to the tiny home movement for all sorts of reasons. Some seek to lower their carbon footprint, while others want to spend less time at work and more time with their families. We’ve heard of people going tiny because they want a home that feels manageable or because they want financial freedom or locational flexibility. 


But whatever the specifics of your reason, underneath it all is probably a desire for more hygge. So if you are looking for a life that embodies coziness and comfortable conviviality while engendering feelings of contentment and well-being, then what better way to find it than with a Teacup tiny home of your own?


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We wish you a hygge holiday season, and we hope to meet you soon.