The Tiny House Lifestyle & Why Teacup is Proud to Facilitate It!

May 30, 2022
Woman sitting on steps of a tiny house

The chaos ends now.

Or at least it can! Here at Teacup Tiny Homes, we are in full support of living simpler lives, and that’s why we are proud facilitators of the tiny house lifestyle. But what is the tiny house lifestyle, exactly? Let us explain!

woman sitting on steps of a tiny house

The tiny house lifestyle is one that is designed by you and based on what you value. It’s about living on less to get more. Ultimately, it’s about bringing life back into your circle of control while enjoying it ten-fold! 

If you’re like most of us, your life gets bigger, faster, and more expensive every five minutes. Usually, this happens because we find ourselves with a problem and then look externally for the solution. This might be a “normal” practice, but it’s not always helpful. The tiny house lifestyle helps us look inward and see ourselves, our community, and the things we already own as the solutions to our problems.

But this is hard. Well, maybe at first, but tiny housers widely report that adopting a tiny house lifestyle has given them time, money, and emotional bandwidth they didn’t believe was possible before bringing a tiny cottage into their lives. And don’t worry, you don’t have to do it alone- our team at Teacup is prepared to help you take massive action.

 kids sitting on the steps of a tiny house

Here’s the thing. When you bring a Teacup tiny cottage into your life, you are not just getting a vacation home- you are getting the ultimate tool to help you slow down, re-evaluate, and ultimately restructure your life. Yes, even on the days when you’re not on vacation! 


A tiny cottage, you see, won’t let you solve your problems by making your life bigger. Instead, it will provide boundaries in a way that a three-thousand-square-foot house never could. Here is how those boundaries will help you develop your tiny house lifestyle.


A Teacup Will Help You Slow Down.


In a regular-sized living space, your family could be spread out in different rooms. There might be a vacuum cleaner running in one, a TV blaring from another, and family members shouting across the house to communicate. This situation won’t happen in a tiny cottage, cabin or tiny house. First of all, there is no need to shout to be heard! And second, the physical proximity to one another will allow you to be more attuned to each other’s needs. Sure, there will still be times you need to vacuum and times when someone wants to watch TV, but we promise that the closeness will inspire you to work together to create rhythm. There is plenty of time for each of the pieces.

A Teacup Will Help You Define What You Value.


You can fit anything in a Teacup - but you can’t fit everything! This means you will have to clarify what you need and what you love. In a regular-sized house, you don’t have to define what you value because as long as you can buy it and store it, you can have it! But if you are starting to suspect that this isn’t a recipe for long-term happiness, a tiny cottage could be the answer you’ve been seeking. As it turns out, making choices is a good thing! And if our past customers (and forever family!) are any indication, this process of defining what you value will provide a sense of freedom most will never know.

kitchen tap in a tiny house

A Teacup Will Help You Spend Time, Money, and Energy in Accordance With Your Values.


Even if someone has defined their values, they often don’t spend time, money, and energy in ways that align with those values. This is where your Teacup will keep you honest once again! For example, let’s say you value art, and so you choose our UMI model (with its incredible windows!) to be your art studio. Well, if you start spending money on things to fill your UMI that aren’t related to art, that will become apparent quickly! And if you fill it with things to do art, but aren’t spending your time doing art? Well, it’s pretty easy to notice that habit when your easel is a mere four feet away from you! 


A Teacup Will Encourage You to Solve Problems Without Relying on Consumer Habits.


This one is probably best explained in the form of an example.


Say you buy a French press to enjoy coffee at the breakfast bar in our Margo model.


But then you realize you don’t have an electric kettle to heat the water.


Your knee-jerk reaction will be to buy a kettle.


But then you will remember that you will be enjoying this cup of coffee in a TINY cottage. It will cause you to consider your space and power usage.


Of course, you COULD have an electric kettle in your tiny, but how much would you VALUE one?


You will remember that long, long ago, people heated water in a pan on the stove.


You will remember that you have a pan and opted for the gas range upgrade (which you love!).


You will solve your problem by using the pan and range you have. It will create less waste, cost less money, and mean that you have fewer items to account for. Rather than spending time at work to earn money to buy the kettle, you will spend the time with your spouse, having coffee at the breakfast bar. This will make you feel resourceful and give you greater emotional bandwidth. It will improve your relationship with your spouse, and ultimately, you will both be in greater health because of your slower-paced lifestyle.

seating area and kitchen in a tiny house

All because of a Teacup.


See how this goes? Excellent! Now multiply that process times every single item or decision in your life. You’ve heard us say it before, if you follow this blog: tiny cottages are magic.


Want to know the best part? You don’t even have to be good at these habits yet; your tiny cottage will gently and naturally point out these lifestyle changes along the way. And we’re here for you too! If you’d like help getting started, you can find our going-tiny roadmap here. And while you’re at it, be sure to take our financing quiz.  


The tiny house lifestyle is best thought of as a conversation. And the result is you becoming your most authentic self. So before we wrap up, we have to ask. Are you ready to let go of the chaos and bring life back into your circle of control? 

tiny house wall art

If you are ready to embrace less to say yes to more, your tiny house lifestyle can begin today. Just book a Teacup Discovery Call here!


Until next time,