The Teacup Academy Is Going to Fix Your Tiny House Analysis Paralysis

teacup academy tiny home courses Feb 13, 2024

Do you LOVE Tiny homes, but never get any further than browsing tiny house inspo pics? If so, you have tiny house analysis paralysis. Don’t worry, we’ve got a cure for that!

It’s nighttime, and you’re scrolling through tiny house inspo pics on your phone again.


You want a tiny house. Badly. 


You know the tiny home layout you’d choose, the tiny house appliances you want, and you’ve even chosen between a tiny house loft and a tiny house with a main floor bedroom.


But this is always as far as you get. 


You talk about tiny homes a lot and think about them constantly, but there is too much unknown standing between you and your dream.


Well, now there’s The Teacup Academy. 


And things are about to be different.


Tiny House Education

What is the Teacup Academy?

The Teacup Academy is an online learning portal that teaches you everything you need to know about buying a tiny house and becoming a tiny home owner. 


It’s a tiny house educational resource designed to help you ask the right questions, gain clarity in your vision, and help you connect the dots so you don’t stay stuck.


Tired of analysis paralysis? The Teacup Academy was literally created for you. 


Is The Teacup Academy REALLY a Good Fit for Me? 

The Teacup Academy is for anyone who has a tiny house dream but needs more information about tiny homes before they will feel confident making the leap into the tiny house lifestyle.


So if you are a person who likes to check things off your to-do list and be proactive about doing things right from the beginning, then yes, The Teacup Academy is for you!

Tiny House Research

Are you wondering what you’ll learn in The Teacup Academy? (We thought you might be!)


The Teacup Academy is basically a dry run of what it’s like to buy and own a tiny home. Except in this dry run, you only pay for the course. 


This means you DON'T have to:


  • Apply for a loan.
  • Ask a family member to co-sign.
  • Fork over thousands of dollars on a tiny house consultation that feels far too serious for where you’re at.
  • Actually commit to buying a tiny home. 


Although, if you decide to buy a tiny house from us at the end of the course, the money you paid will go toward your build! 


Either way, you'll be able to make decisions around your tiny home dream from a position of power. You'll be confident knowing you've done your research and understand the questions that need to be asked as you move forward.


So what will you learn exactly?


How to Ask Good Tiny House Questions

Have you ever heard the phrase you don’t know what you don’t know? 


That phrase is especially applicable to tiny homes! Tiny houses are new structures, and that’s why it’s so hard to research them. That’s also why it’s extra important for you to get to the bottom of your tiny house questions.


As one of the most experienced tiny home builders in Canada (and the USA!) our team at Teacup has identified the most common areas for a tiny home buyer to be vulnerable. And in The Teacup Academy, we’re going to tell you exactly which questions to ask when choosing a tiny house-building company to bring your vision to life.


Who is The Best Tiny Home Builder?

OK, we’re biased- of course, we’re going to say us! But for real, we want to empower you to know what to look for in ANY builder. We’re going to pull back the curtain and tell you where things go wrong, why they go wrong, and how we do things differently. 


Then you can use that knowledge to shop anywhere. Seriously. 


In The Teacup Academy, you will learn the markings of the best tiny house building companies, so you can keep yourself out of tiny home trouble.


What Does a Tiny House Build Process Look Like? 

You know the basics: you choose a tiny house floor plan, give a builder money, and they build you a tiny house that looks like the one in the picture.


But you also suspect that there are a few more details. (And you’re right!)


In The Teacup Academy, you’ll go through each stage of the tiny house-building process as though you’ve already signed a contract. But you haven’t. At least not yet.


Right, show me that video again?!


In this section of the tiny home course, you’ll evaluate tiny house floor plans, choose tiny home building materials (like siding, cabinet colors, flooring, and wall color), and learn about the process of working with our tiny home design team.


How Do I Set Up a Tiny Home?

Are you the person who likes to think through every step before taking action? If so, this course will be especially great for you!


Sure, there are the fun details like picking paint colors, but there are also the practical ones. Like, what happens on the day your tiny home is delivered? 


At Teacup, we are not going to leave our clients just because they’ve signed a tiny house building contract or paid their final installment. When you’re with us, you’re with us for life. 


Remember this course is actually something we created for our current clients to support them during and after the tiny house building process. We’re just opening it up to you now, so you can connect the dots and feel safe enough to jump into this lifestyle. 


Right, setting up a tiny home!


We included this section so you can truly envision the process from start to finish. Yes, we’ll help with choosing the best tiny home appliances, but we’ll also be there to show you how to connect a tiny home to utilities!

Tiny Home Maintenance

At Teacup Tiny House Company we are very aware that tiny homes are new structures, so we don’t want to skip over any of the details. We know there isn’t a road map, so we built one. 


You’re not just buying a house when you choose us as your tiny home builder. 


The ongoing maintenance section of The Teacup Academy will cover things like winterization, tending to tiny house appliances, keeping your tires and trailer in good condition, and more because you deserve to know everything.



So what do you think? Are you tired of dreaming and ready for doing?


Would you like to rehearse before jumping in and investing thousands of dollars? 


Perfect. Just use the link below to learn more about The Teacup Academy. 


What if your tiny house dream is actually a lot closer than you think? 

YES! Tell Me More About The Teacup Academy!