Teacup Tiny Homes Has Some BIG News

May 16, 2022


It’s no secret that the demand for tiny houses is skyrocketing. Now more than ever, humanity is determined to find a new way forward, and here at Teacup, we share that vision. Reinvention is a beautiful process, but it requires space and resources. So that’s why we’ve decided to say yes to the demand in a big way- we have just expanded into a 15,000-square-foot warehouse!

Are you ready for truth time? Here at Teacup, we’ve had big dreams from the very beginning. To stand the test of time, however, big dreams need solid foundations, and so we’ve been careful to grow at a pace that would allow us to take excellent care of our customers. We didn’t want to fall into the trap that so many tiny home builders do: they get excited and then overpromise and underdeliver. So even though we knew demand would soon overpower our small setup, we stuck by what we knew was right.


But that was years ago. Now that we are seasoned tiny house builders, it’s time to level up and bring you more of the houses we have worked so hard to perfect!


Our new facility will host up to fifteen builds at a time and will finally allow our entire team to work under the same roof!


So what will be going on under that one roof? Well, if you like, you can follow our Instagram to see with your own eyes! Here at Teacup, transparency is one of our highest values. So while we love to show off pretty pictures of the finished product, we also want to give our customers the tools necessary to become educated consumers. To accomplish that, we not only post pictures of our build floor, but send you regular picture and video updates of your tiny house throughout the process!

Maybe it’s the season, but our Summer’s Night Dream model has been a hot commodity lately! In fact, we have one coming together for a customer this week. There are also quite a few Ruby models in the works. And while most are personalized Ruby builds, we did have a custom version requested recently. It’s a thirty-four-footer!


All of our floor plans can be found in our products gallery, but since the Summer’s Night Dream and Ruby are on our minds this month, let us tell you what makes people fall in love with these particular models.


The Summer’s Night Dream made a splash when it was featured at the 2018 Calgary Home & Garden Show, and customers have been requesting it ever since! We’ve made a few improvements to it over the years, but the adjustments only serve to give you more options! There are now three and four-season versions of the Summer’s Night Dream model available. And thanks to customer feedback, there is now a living room slide-out to give you even more space.


Are you ready to hear about the Ruby?


Like the Summer’s Night Dream model, the Ruby also comes with three and four-season options. 


We are particularly proud of the storage in this model, so it’s no secret why the Ruby is highly requested. After all, storage is a common concern when it comes to tiny cottages! 

What kind of storage can you expect to find? Well, you name it! The pull-out pantry is always a big hit! Oh, and the stairs have combination storage that includes both closets and cubbies. And the options don’t end there! In the Ruby, you will also find open and closed kitchen storage, as well as built-in shelving, and even a dedicated coat closet!


Yes, the storage is definitely a draw for Ruby enthusiasts, but the real show-stopping feature is the dining room table space. Yes, you read that right. We make a tiny cottage that will fit an actual dining room table! So if you have been worried that you’ll have to cut your steak while sitting on a couch, you can put that fear to bed! There is an actual place for you to sit down and eat a meal!

Honestly, we could talk your ear off about either of these models, but for the purposes of a blog, we’ll reign it in here. Just know that our team at Teacup is committed to supporting you from the educational process to long after we hand you the keys. When you join the Teacup family, you’re with us for life.


So just tell us what you need! Are you looking to learn more? If so, you can sign up for our email list here. Have you been researching tiny houses for years but keep going in circles because something isn’t quite clicking into place? Well, if that’s the case, it’s probably time for you to set up a Discovery Call. It’s totally free, and there is no pressure. We understand that sometimes you just need to talk things out with a real, live human!

Whatever stage you’re in, we’re excited to take you with us as we grow our operation. The build queue is filling up fast, so if you are looking to become a tiny cottage owner sooner rather than later, be sure to book that Discovery Call soon. We can’t wait to hear your story! 


Alright, well, that’s all for now. Thanks for joining us here on the blog, and we’ll see you next week!