How a Teacup Could Help You Disconnect From the Grid and Reconnect With What Truly Matters

May 17, 2022

La vie est belle.

Life is beautiful.

And here’s the thing: we only get one.

If life is so precious, though, why do most of us spend it diligently following the rules of “the grid?” We say that we want to spend time and nature and sit down to dinner with family, but more often than not, we actually spend that time commuting, vegging out in front of electronics, and eating takeout straight from the box. We’re plugged in and checked out at the same time. And while it’s not our fault, it is our responsibility to decide how we want to move forward. 

That’s why here at Teacup, we are asking ourselves this question: how can we disconnect from the grid and reconnect with a life that truly matters?

Before we go any further, let’s take a moment to define the grid. 

We think of the grid as the XY axis upon which the rules of society are organized. Some of these rules (like traffic laws) are helpful and keep us safe. However, some of the other rules are less helpful and make us feel like failures if we don’t participate. Here are some examples:

-We must always be reachable (by phone, email, etc.).

-We must always attend events we’ve been invited to. Yes, even the birthdays of former colleagues we felt lukewarm about.

-We must always respond immediately. To a text, to a question, anything.

-We must put our kids in multiple activities and participate in the goings-on of those activities to the nth degree.

-We must live the most expensive and elaborate lifestyle we can afford.

-We must always be independent and only rely on community only in times of hardship.


Who made these rules again? 

The worst part is that these useless rules of the grid create a level of white noise in our lives that prevent us from moving toward a more meaningful life. Think of it this way, if you ask a busy mom of two-under-two while she’s eating lunch over the sink and listening to a pointless conference call what hobby she wants to reconnect with,  she’s probably not going to have a meaningful answer for you- and fair enough! 

But what if you gave that same woman a weekend away? What inspiration might she awaken if she could break free from the grid, if only for a little while? Moreover, what would change in her day-to-day life as a result of doing so regularly?


If you are ready to reevaluate your level of participation in the grid, you are in good company! And that’s what brings us to tiny cottages. They are the perfect excuse to give you the peace and quiet you need to make more intentional choices.


Need more convincing? Imagine this…


What if there was a place you could go that was foreign enough to be thrilling but familiar enough to be safe? What if airplane mode was an expectation, and you were only surrounded by people you truly cared about? What if that journey started today?


Here at Teacup, we know that disconnecting from the grid is a process of unlearning. But don’t worry! We have done our best to make your transition into a life of your choosing as smooth as possible.

We recommend that you begin by defining what you value. For example, if you’re like many of our customers, you might have a desire to get out of the city, live at a slower pace for a minute, or reconnect with a passion that has fallen by the wayside. Defining what you value will give you your ‘why,’ and with that in place, we can help you move forward into the planning stages.


If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you will probably have some idea of the layout or features you’d like to see in your tiny cottage. However, if you need more inspiration, we encourage you to check out the specifics in our product gallery. Did you know we have eight models to choose from?


There is a version of your life in which you don’t eat dinner at the sink every night or run around to participate in activities you only kind of care about. A Teacup tiny cottage will serve as your beacon, your place to go to slow down and reconnect with what you find meaningful.

So don’t let one more day pass you by! Just consult the steps listed above, and take one small action. Over time these will add up to big change. 

So in closing, remember, la vie est belle. Oh, and when you’re ready, your Teacup is waiting.

Until next time,