If Life is So Good, Then Why Does It Feel Like Something is Missing?

happiness personal growth Sep 28, 2022
The owner of Teacup Tiny Homes, Jen and her kids

If Life is So Good, Then Why Does It Feel Like Something is Missing?

Just for a moment, picture this.


You’re sitting in your car (a car you love) and holding a hot cup of coffee. Maybe you’re in the pick-up line at school waiting for your kids. (Who, despite their recent aversion to bathtime, are pretty dang cute!) It’s Thursday which means it’s pre-made lasagna for dinner, which = no prep and no clean-up. What you are experiencing is a beautiful moment of silence to enjoy a life that is, by any definition, beautiful.

Jen sitting in the kitchen of a tiny home

So why doesn’t it feel like enough?


Here at Teacup, we often tackle the practical parts of the tiny cottage equation. We want to help you prepare for your tiny future, get into a better position to borrow, and know what to do once your Teacup arrives. But as we sit on the precipice of fall, we wanted to take a moment to bring our attention back to magic- after all, that’s why people fall in love with Teacups in the first place!


If our opening scene sounds like one you know well, then we have this to say to you: please don’t feel guilty for wanting more. 


Humans are built to evolve! Our desires to continue learning and growing are what make us vibrant. But somewhere along the line, someone started this myth that we should be happy with the status quo.


Honestly, who came up with that idea? And who made the status quo include things like being constantly available, totally selfless, and practical to a fault? No wonder we want more out of life! Here at Teacup, we believe that sense of wanting more stems from a desire to reconnect to spirit- our personal magic. 

fireplace in the living area of a tiny house

If you’re like us, this is the part where your brain says, but my children, my spouse, and my life ARE magic. Of course, they are! We would never argue that. But if it feels like something is missing, it’s because it is. So rather than feel guilty, let’s explore where that desire for more comes from. 


If you think back on your life, when was the last time you felt captured by magic? You know, totally and utterly immersed in the moment? What was true about that time? What were you doing? And perhaps most importantly, how can you invite that moment into your life as it exists today?

My name is Jen. I’m the owner here at Teacup. I’m a businesswoman, a mom, and a maker-of-Thursday-night lasagna too. (Except I'm gluten-free so lasagna often looks like a second round of taco Tuesday)   I’m also a deep believer in fostering that spark that keeps each of us going. 

Jen and family Owner of Teacup Tiny Homes

When I started designing Teacups, I initially aimed to create spaces for families to come together. And while that’s still true, I’ve since realized that people have to be connected to themselves first before they can connect to one another. We have to find our own magic first.


So to that end, I pose this question: who are you now?


That ‘now’ part is important! It’s so easy to give an auto-pilot answer that references the person our parents wanted us to be, who we tried to be and found we didn’t like, or who we needed to be to get through last week. But the ‘now’ asks that we turn our attention back to our needs in the present. It’s a question that invites us to grow into that magic version of ourselves independent of our families, jobs, and responsibilities. 

Jen and her two children

If it feels like something is missing, it could be that you are ready to grow into the next season of your life. And if you are, you’re not alone- I am too! I’ve recently found some fresh inspiration and have expanded my business to share the Teacup joy with even more people. Here’s what it looks like!


This fall, our team at Teacup is leaning into cozy luxury on a whole other level. We’re embracing your requests for downstairs bedrooms, sleek cabinetry, and spa-like bathrooms. We’re also taking our finishes and features to the next level because our experience has taught us that the smaller the space, the more these things matter! You can find pictures of all our newest builds in our product gallery, and be sure to follow us on Instagram so you can get the behind-the-scenes scoop!

Jen sitting in the kitchen of a tiny home

But anyway, let’s get back to that feeling of something missing! If you have a great life but feel like it could be more, then maybe it’s time to shift your mindset and embrace transformation. Maybe instead of calling this feeling guilt, we could re-label it as excitement or anticipation. Why should we feel guilty about growing and stepping into magic? What if doing so allowed us to authentically show up for our jobs, spouses, children, and communities with fresh energy that benefited everyone? What if the best is yet to come?


Here at Teacup, we know that trusting your gut and saying yes to transformation can be scary, but just know that we are here to support you as you step into the next season of your life. And we take that responsibility seriously! Our team is here to help you navigate everything from financing to practical logistics, so please never hesitate to reach out. In fact, the only thing you’ll have to do on your own is answer the question we posed above: who are you now? 


If you’re a new reader of this blog, we’d love for you to subscribe so you can get to know us! And while you’re at it, here is our step-by-step guide to going tiny. Want to hear something cool? You are already closer to your Teacup than when you started reading this post! Go you!


Alright, we have to get going, but before we do, here is one last reminder: please don’t feel guilty; it’s OK for life to be good and still want more. You are ever becoming, and we are so here for it. So, say yes, step into your magic, and when you have a moment, let us know which Teacup would pair best with this season of your life!


Until then,