Rhyanna and The Teacup Tiny Named Fern

Aug 09, 2023

If you've been following our Instagram, you'll have met Rhyanna. 

Once a tenant in an apartment close to town, Rhyanna, a young mother, found herself contending with rising rents that devoured a substantial part of her income. However, the change that six months brought along saw Rhyanna, her four-year-old daughter, and their two cats snugly fit in a Margo 2 Teacup tiny house on Vancouver Island, comfortably nested on her parents' property.

It wasn't just a change of location, but a whole shift in lifestyle, embarking on a journey to affordable and sustainable living.

Rhyanna was caught between the high cost of rent and the desire to provide a secure home for her daughter. She sought affordability without compromising the safety of her family. Though buying a tiny house from Teacup wasn't exactly pocket change, it offered her ownership and more security than her previous apartment ever did.

The fear of the unknown loomed. Living in a small space was a whole new experience for Rhyanna, and this enormous, albeit tiny, decision worried her. She was particularly concerned about making the right design choices. However, discussing her thoughts with others, including her parents, helped assuage her fears. She discovered that tiny living was becoming a popular, viable solution for people facing housing crises, giving her the confidence to take the plunge.

Teacup was instrumental in easing her journey into tiny living.

Their collaborative design process, spearheaded by Jen, enabled Rhyanna to bring her ideas to life, making it a functional space for her and her daughter. Regular updates from Teacup during the construction process made it exciting and less intimidating.

Life since the move has been a refreshing change. Rhyanna loves owning a space that’s uniquely hers, hearing the rain patter on the metal roof, and having a closeness to nature that was absent in her previous life. Her daughter, too, has adapted well to the new home, loving her loft and eagerly sharing stories of their unique dwelling with friends.

While the journey to tiny living necessitated certain adjustments, such as changing routines and learning to live in a compact space, Rhyanna managed to turn challenges into opportunities. The Murphy bed with a built-in desk, initially seen as a necessity for her home office, turned out to be impractical when she took an office job. Instead of sticking rigidly to the original plan, she decided to replace it with a more useful storage bed.

Rhyanna's story is not merely about downsizing; it’s about taking a step towards financial independence, adapting to change, and making conscious choices.

It’s about making a ‘tiny’ leap, and discovering that in doing so, you haven't really lost space, but rather gained a home.

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