Leading With a New Kind of Strength - How a Teacup Can Empower Mothers

May 16, 2022

These days, many moms have two careers: one at work and one at home. And while there is no stronger human out there than a mama-bear, what if it’s time to lead with the strength that comes from moms putting themselves first?


If you’re new to following this blog, hello! My name is Jen. I’m the owner of Teacup Tiny Homes, and I am also a mom. I started building tiny houses because I wanted to help humanity find a new way forward. I wanted to see people break free of the rut that keeps so many of us stressed out, uninspired, and living for a tomorrow that never comes. I think it’s a worthy goal, but it requires making intentional choices. And as a mom, I know how hard it can be to remove myself from the chaos long enough to do so. Making intentional choices requires peace, quiet, and reflection.

If leading with a new kind of strength is a sentiment that rings true, it’s time to make a change. I want to support you in giving yourself permission to take a break. It’s not selfish. It’s necessary. After all, the more vibrant you are, the more others will benefit from your light. Don’t believe me? Let’s dig a little deeper.


Us moms are hard on ourselves. We want to be present and capable. We want to be good parents, spouses, employees, bosses, members of our community, and more. We want to do it all, and you know what? Sometimes we actually do. At least for a while. Eventually, though, this is a tried-and-true recipe for complete burnout.  


So what happens next? Well, you know. We wake up one morning, and the house is trashed, we’re fighting a cold, and we forget a deadline. Our hair appointment has been put off so many times that we’re not even sure our stylist remembers us (or still works at the salon), and our relationships begin to suffer as a result of all the pressure. We correctly identify that we are in over our heads- and yes, we know that the answer is to take a break- but in lieu of a better system, we sometimes skip the gym and load up on Mexican food. Whoops.


Again, I’m a mom; I get it. But what if there was another way forward that didn’t involve cycles of trying to juggle it all, followed by crashing and burning?


This is my vision, and that’s why I’m about to propose something that feels super taboo: let’s put ourselves first.

Imagine this.


You still go to work, you stay in your marriage, and yes, you keep the kids. But now you have a secret: you own a Teacup. 


Maybe your Teacup is parked on a remote property. Maybe it’s on a lake or tucked away in the trees somewhere. Wherever it is, your tiny cottage offers you quietness in a way you’ve never known- or at least not known since having a family!


Your Teacup is your refuge. It’s your place to create yourself, by yourself. Who are you in this moment? Who do you want to be at this point in your life? What do you want for your future? Your Teacup provides the privacy you need to make it all happen.

A funny thing happens to women in tiny cottages. They become new. Maybe it’s the proximity to nature, the silence, or the time spent alone. Whatever it is, a Teacup provides the perfect cocoon to transform you into your most authentic self. 


So how might a Teacup awaken your soul? Could it allow space for your love of painting? Could it give you the time to practice that musical instrument you studied in college? Could it give you the uninterrupted quiet to make a meal from scratch that you enjoy with a glass of wine? Or maybe two? The possibilities are endless.

Now imagine this.


You go back to the office, the chores, and your family. You go back to dropping kids off at soccer games, managing employees, and getting the car washed.  


But now, something is different- and everyone can tell. People start asking questions. Did you do something different with your hair? Did you go on vacation? Are you doing keto?


No one can quite put their finger on it, but there is a difference in the way you carry yourself. There is a spark in your eyes and a vibrancy in your walk that wasn’t there before. Sure, the chaos of daily life continues, but in the midst of it, you feel strong, sexy, and in control because your Teacup tiny cottage holds space for you to continue the project of becoming yourself. And it pays off.


May I speak freely for a moment? 


The world needs this version of us.


Our children need to see living mothers. Our spouses need our vibrancy, and our communities need women with energy and passion. We need ourselves, and others need us. The real us: rested, strong, empowered, and inspired.

So like I said in the beginning, what if it’s time to lead with a different kind of strength? What if the full manifestation of our souls was the most powerful thing we could offer the world? What if it strengthened our children, our spouses, and our community? What if it gave our employees the permission they need to shine brighter, say yes, and become more? What if we put ourselves first?


I know it’s a bold thing to say, but I’m trusting my gut on this- as a business owner, a wife, and a mother. And from one mom to another, I want to tell you that see you, I support you, and you inspire me. Please know that I built Teacup for both of us.


Happy Mother’s Day.



Are you a mom? Do you know a mom? With Mother’s Day just around the corner, there is no better time to say yes to the gift that could change everything. And you don’t have to do it alone! Our team at Teacup is here to educate you on the process and support you every step of the way. Oh, and if you want to learn more, you can set up a free Discovery Call here.