Independence for Everyone!

Jul 13, 2022
child in a bath in a tiny house

How Teacup Tiny Cottages Are Empowering Us All to Live More Independently

We’re baaaccckkk!

And we want to kick things off by wishing a, belated Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends and a Happy Fourth of July to all our American ones! As we celebrate our respective days of independence, we can’t help but think about the concept as it relates to tiny houses! (Are you surprised?!) It’s just that independence is one of the most frequently cited reasons our customers have for bringing a Teacup into their lives!

Independence means different things to different people, but a desire for an empowered life is at the core of it all. For some, independence means locational freedom; for others, it means autonomy or physical and emotional space. Whatever it means to you, though, there is no doubt that a Teacup can help you in your quest for it! In fact, here are some of the people who are achieving independence through our builds!


Digital Nomads.

If you are living your best life as a digital nomad, we bet you’re having a great time! But while the lifestyle has some major benefits, it can come with the cost of feeling untethered. So if you are seeking an independent life but still want a sense of security, a Teacup tiny home or cottage could be the perfect part-time home base! And hey, if you want to go all-in and travel full time, just let us know. We’ll build you a Teacup you can take with you!

laptop on a desk in a Tiny home

Are you retired? Or will you be soon? If you plan to travel in your retirement years, a Teacup could be just the thing to help you do it! If you want to travel with your Teacup, we suggest you consider our Summer's Night Dream model as it’s the lightest and easiest to tow and is uber functional with a main floor bedroom. It’s not the only way a Teacup could assist you in fulfilling your travel dreams, though! 

For instance, did you know what people LOVE to house-swap tiny cottages? They do! And lodging is usually the most expensive part of any vacation! So go on, house-swap your tiny for an apartment in Paris; You just got yourself a half-priced vacation! Can’t find someone who wants to trade? No worries. If you Airbnb your tiny cottage while you’re gone, you can offset travel costs and save money for the fun stuff! Who wants another pineapple drink?

kitchen and living area

Would you like to keep an eye on your aging parents without living under the same roof? If mom needs help while she recovers from surgery or dad recently suffered a fall, a backyard Teacup could provide the perfect recuperation-station. We even build tiny cottages with downstairs bedrooms, so no one will have to climb into a loft!

Are your parents set on staying put in their traditional home? Trust us, we get it. People need to maintain their sense of independence. So if that means staying in place, let’s put the Teacup on their property. Then, you and your siblings can take turns visiting mom and dad, and no one will ever have to sleep in the paisley bedroom with the stuffed animals.


Teenagers, specifically. What better way to teach teens about self-sufficiency than to give them a space of their own? If you want to give your son or daughter a little more independence without letting go of the reins completely, a Teacup tiny cottage could be the perfect training tool! It will give them skill sets while gifting you with a little peace and quiet!

And what about when they go off to college? Well, they could take the tiny with them, or you could have an investment property! Whatever you choose to do with it, there is flexibility down the road for everyone.

The Chronically Ill.

For many of us, independence means autonomy, but those living with chronic illness might still need some part-time assistance. If you are looking to provide support from a (short) distance, a Teacup could be the way to make it happen!

Caretaker cottages are popping up everywhere, and we understand why! They are the perfect place to do laundry and prepare meals for someone sick. Here at Teacup, we want to see everyone enjoy their independence while getting their needs met, so if you tell us what you need in a caretaker cottage, we’ll build it!

Those Seeking Financial Support.

Would you be more independent with a little cash flow? Well, then enter the perfect vacation property! Teacup tiny cottages can make excellent investment properties for many reasons! First of all, their popularity makes them a big hit on Airbnb. Second, they are new and small, making them easier to maintain than large, older homes. Third, they can be moved! If you choose to sell a property or a particular market takes a dive, you can tow your Teacup to a location that makes sense.

By the way, if you do want to use your Teacup as an investment property, be sure to read our blog post, Getting Paid to Vacation - How a Teacup Tiny Cottage Could Be the Investment Property You’ve Always Dreamed of!Tiny home bathroom

Those Who Just Need a Break.

Are you a stay-at-home mom? Well, then you need a break! And don’t for a second feel guilty about it. Your Teacup she-shed (or whatever you choose to call it!) is your place to recharge so you can show up as your best self. Honestly, the world needs more rested mothers in good moods, you know?

Just because you are an epic human who chose to become a mother doesn’t mean you can’t have a little independence too! So, just tell us what would help you unwind. If you need a soaking tub, we’ve got that. We can also provide built-in shelving for your tiny library, an electric fireplace to keep you cozy, and a fridge to store some wine. All you have to do is browse our gallery to find your perfect Teacup! (Oh, and just in case you needed to hear it, it is 100% ok to make your tiny cottage a lego-free zone!)

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Well, that’s all for now! We hope everyone has had a safe and fun holiday week! If you or someone in your life could benefit from a little more independence, maybe use this week to broach the subject. And you don’t have to do it alone- our team at Teacup is standing by to help you sort out the details.

If you’d simply like to learn more, you can subscribe to this blog or follow us on Instagram! Or, if you’re ready to get going on the tiny cottage that could change the game, then let’s book a Discovery Call.

We’ll be back next week, but in the meantime, remember this:
Independence empowers.