Housing is Your Biggest Emergency. (But a Teacup Tiny Home Could Be Your Biggest Flex!) 

Mar 15, 2023
Cozy Master Bedroom in a Teacup Tiny Home

Is housing costing you more than anything else? Because if so, it's your biggest emergency. Fortunately, a Teacup tiny home could be your biggest flex and the thing that frees you to live life on your terms.

Bold opening, right?

But maybe a little boldness is exactly what society needs right now. Because isn't it time we stopped tip-toeing around and pretending:

1. That everything is fine when it's not.


2. That we are powerless to take control of our futures.

We are in a housing crisis, and everything is not fine. Fortunately, people just like you are standing up and using housing to take back the reins of their lives.

Today's post is dedicated to those who are unwilling to accept defeat. 

If you dream of a life with more time, money, energy, and passion, read on because we are going to show you how a Teacup tiny home could be the thing that turns your biggest emergency into your biggest opportunity.

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Let's begin by focusing on what you want for your life. It can be hard to do when you are used to operating in survival mode, but just try.

Do you dream of going away on camping trips to reconnect with your partner? How about having the financial resources to raise children? And how great would it be to enjoy a life that didn't have you stressed out all week and hurrying up to relax on the weekend?

That last one might be the norm, but it's far from OK. 

You deserve to have your basic needs met in a sustainable, enjoyable way that keeps your mental health intact.

But if you're like most, something is stopping you from enjoying that life tomorrow. So what is it?

Do you not have the time/bandwidth to do so because you're spending 40+ hours a week at work? 

Fair, but why are you spending so much time at work? 

Is it because you need the money? To pay for your housing? 

Maybe you can see where we're going here! 

Are you done spending countless hours at work just to pay for an apartment you're almost never in?

It's gross, right?

And this is what makes housing your biggest emergency. It's the biggest piece of the pie, and if eliminated or alleviated, it would become your biggest flex. 

So just for a moment, let's turn convention on its head. What if you took control of your biggest expense instead of trying to earn more money? Would this allow you to achieve your desired life in a lower-stress way?

It's kind of crazy to think about, but when you lower the cost of your housing, it's basically the same as giving yourself a raise. Except this raise is within your control, and your boss can deny it! 

Our team of tiny home builders gets so much satisfaction from building homes that free people to live life on their terms. And this isn't a frivolous thing! After all, housing is a basic need. And when a basic need is threatened, it becomes an emergency. 

This is why addressing your housing problem is so important. Coincidently, it's also an opportunity to live a life that is more fun, more rewarding, and more, well, you.

So now, let's look at how a tiny home could change the game. How would your life change if you took the money you're spending on rent and put it toward a tiny house you owned?

Did you know that tiny home loans can be paid out early without penalty? Putting a couple extra dollars onto your loan will directly pay down your principle, giving you the freedom to be loan free much sooner than a traditional mortgage. 


Teacup tiny homes can help you radically reinvent your future.

OK, but what if you don't want to live in a tiny home forever? 

That's totally cool. Your tiny home will understand if it isn't meant to be your forever home. But how awesome would it be to have an asset you could sell in the future to secure a down payment for a traditional home if that's your path?

Or what if you someday turned your tiny home into a tiny home rental property and used the income to pay down the mortgage on a traditional house? 

Your Teacup tiny house could be freeing you for years to come.

There are many possible scenarios, but the bottom line is that a tiny home allows you to turn your biggest expense (emergency) into your biggest opportunity to craft the life you envision.

You know, the one where you aren't merely surviving.

OK, but how does one go tiny exactly? Great question. 

Our team at Teacup has spent the past seven years as tiny home builders streamlining our processes to make going tiny as easy as possible. We want you to embark on a tiny home journey from a place of empowerment.

After all, you are the hero of your tiny home journey; we're just the guide.

But as your guide, allow us to outline a short to-do list so you can start enjoying the benefits of the tiny home lifestyle as soon as possible. 

The first thing you'll want to do is browse our gallery. Your tiny home journey will go much faster if you have a clear vision of your goal.

Once you know which Teacup tiny house would serve your family best, it's time to figure out financing. Liberty bank is our tiny home financing partner, and you can take our financing quiz here. 

Finally, it's time to book a Discovery Call

We know you'll have questions, and we're here to talk things through and help you make a plan. And please don't sweat this call; high-pressure sales are so not tiny-home-lifestyle approved!

So to recap: 

Browse our gallery.

Take our financing quiz >>> Apply for financing.

And book a Discovery Call with a member of our team. 

Housing used to be your biggest emergency, but it's about to become your biggest flex.

Your dream life is closer than you think.

See you there- and hopefully soon!


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