Falling in Love With Main Floor Bedrooms

Jun 29, 2022

Falling in Love With Main Floor Bedrooms

Is there anything more luxurious than a main floor bedroom in a tiny house or cottage? Most people think it can’t be done, but as for our team at Teacup, well, we aren’t most people! ;)


Don’t get it wrong, we love the “treehouse” feel of a good loft, but we understand that it’s not for everyone! That’s why we’ve worked hard to develop designs that incorporate main floor bedrooms. Whatever your needs are, we want your Teacup experience to be seamless!


So who would benefit from a main floor bedroom? Well, anyone, potentially! People gravitate toward main floor bedrooms for all kinds of reasons. There is no wrong answer, but there probably is an answer that’s right for you. So if you are stuck in the loft-vs-main-floor-bedroom debate, here is a list of things you might want to consider!

Chronic Pain or Illness


Chronic pain or illness is hard enough. So let’s not add to it by giving you a bedroom that requires climbing a ladder or a set of stairs. Our team at Teacup knows that these issues can affect people of any age, and we want you to know that we are building with you in mind. So if it’s more comfortable, let’s keep your sleeping nook nearby. No stairs (or ladder!) needed!



Listen up because this is an important tiny home factoid: tiny stairs are steeper than those in traditional houses! So just because your chi-weenie mix, Lola, can get down the stairs at home, doesn’t mean she’ll be able to do so safely in your tiny cottage. And unless she’s really well-trained, she’ll probably struggle with the ladder. So, whether you have a small pet, an old pet, or just one who’s wary of a more intense climb, a main floor bedroom could be just the thing. You know, assuming Lola sleeps in your bed. She does, doesn’t she?

Mobility Concerns


Our team at Teacup believes that tiny living is for everyone! That being said, it’s important to be honest with yourself about your needs, so we can build something that will be comfortable for you. If you have mobility concerns, it may put your mind (and body!) at ease to have a bedroom you can stand up in. And if that’s the case, we’ve got you covered!

Making the Bed


Even if you don’t have mobility issues, you may not want to make a bed in a loft. It can definitely be done, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. So think through this one carefully to decide if making a bed in a loft will work for you. We know plenty of tiny cottage owners who don’t bat an eye about it, but if it’s a concern, a main floor bedroom could be the perfect choice!


Er... Adult Activities


Yup. We went there. I mean, we considered avoiding this one, but here’s the reality: adult activities are a part of life, and they are something that many people don’t think about in a tiny cottage! Of course, you don’t have to get down in your bedroom, but if that’s the plan, just make sure it’s one that will work for you. If there’s gymnastics involved, main floor it is!


Using Stairs or a Ladder at Night


Are you the person who stubs their toe in the dark on the way to the bathroom every single night? All we can tell you is this: know thyself. If you’re likely to get up at night, it’s worth considering how you will handle a ladder or stairs in that situation. For some people, a simple, motion-activated night-light solves everything, but if you have hesitations about this endeavor, it could be worth staying put on the main floor.



Do you plan to be in your tiny for the long haul? If so, it may be worth future-proofing your Teacup from the outset. Hopefully, you won’t ever have pain or mobility issues. And hopefully, your dog will always be able to get up the stairs, and you’ll never break an ankle. But if any of those things do come to pass, you could be glad you chose a more accessible bedroom. Just something to think about!

Resale Value


When people bring a tiny cottage into their lives, they often don’t think about resale value. It’s an important thing to consider, though! While we would love our clients to keep their Teacups forever, we understand that sometimes plans change. And if they do, you’ll want your tiny cottage to appeal to a large buying pool. To that end, we’ll tell you that main floor bedrooms are less common and that we’ve seen an uptick in demand for them! So if you’re the type who likes to think a few steps ahead, it could be worth considering how a main floor bedroom could affect resale value.



If you plan to use your Teacup as an Airbnb, a downstairs bedroom could get you more bookings! As with resale, you’ll want to appeal to as many people as possible. And while not everyone can make a loft work, we’ve never heard of someone who couldn’t sleep on the main floor. Just something to consider!




So what do you think? Is a main floor bedroom the answer for you? If so, you’re in luck because many of our models include them! And if you can’t decide between a main floor bedroom and a loft, you don’t have to! The Summer’s Night Dream model, The Margo, and The NEW Florence & Ellie plan come with both!


Here at Teacup, we take customer feedback seriously, so we’ve gone the extra mile to give you even more flexibility. Have you heard of a gooseneck bedroom? It’s a loft/main floor mashup that could be just the ticket. If you want to see pictures, The Shangri La model, The Phoenix, and The Serendipity all have one!


Is the bedroom your favorite part of the house? If so, be sure to follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss the first photos of our new Florence model! 


OK, we’ll reign in it. We know you have things to do! We’re just a touch obsessed with main floor bedrooms, you know?


Before we go, though, we want to check in with you! Is there anything you need? Our Teacup family wants to support you from the dreaming stage to long after we hand you the keys. So what do you need help with next?


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