Enough is Enough. Are You Mad? I’m Mad. Get Ready for #JenUnfiltered

Feb 15, 2023
Exiting an Ellie Tiny House with a Yellow Door

Enough is Enough. Are You Mad? I’m Mad. 

Get Ready for #JenUnfiltered

Hi Everyone; Jen here.

If we haven't met, I am the owner of Teacup Tiny Homes

I am also a millennial, and if you are too, know that I am writing today’s post for the both of us. 

Because if you’re like me, you might be looking at the current state of society and asking yourself the same question I am: 

What in the actual hell?

Sorry, I swear when I get mad.

But also, shouldn't we be mad? 

Society promised that if we went to college and followed our dreams, it would all turn out ok! (And no, it did not turn out ok.)

And was it just me? Or were you fellow millennials also "gifted" some of the following "chestnuts of wisdom?"

  • You'll never get a good job if you don't go to college.
  • You must use credit cards and debt repayment plans, or you'll never have a good credit score.
  • Follow your dreams! (And doing so starts with a lot of student loan debt.)
  • Debt is normal. Like, a lot of debt... is totally normal.
  • Retirement will happen at 55. Whoops- 65. No, sorry, that's 76. Actually, you are going to work until you die. Better cancel the vacation you scheduled three decades from now. 

And the best one:

If we all stopped eating avocado toast, we'd be fine.

Can I get super real here for a second? 

This list makes me want to freak out in every direction. I want to cry, I want to scream- I even want to laugh out of sheer hopelessness because what is our millennial generation even supposed to do?

Well, I don’t have all the answers, but I got mad and started Teacup Tiny Homes. 

It's just that I was fed up with seeing my loved ones unable to buy a traditional home. I wanted people of my generation to be able to afford to get their lives underway- which many still can't because they are too busy surviving to focus on thriving. 

Basically, I started building tiny homes because I wanted to take this crappy situation and turn it into a positive one. And that's why the goal of Teacup is to help people break free from conformity and write their own damn stories. (Sorry- I warned you about the swearing!)

Now I will be the first to say that a tiny house is not the answer for everyone. But are any of these things true for you?

  • You are renting, and you'd like to own your roof.
  • You feel powerless against the rising cost of living.
  • You sometimes wish you could scrap it all and go live in the woods.
  • You want to raise children with simplicity, well-being, and present parents.
  • You want simplicity, well-being, and mindful living for yourself.
  • You think consumer debt is out of hand, that the government has lost its mind, that plastic pollution is out of control, and you are ready to take your life into your own hands. Like, right now.

Because if that sounds like you, a tiny house might be the answer.

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Clearly, I think it's important to feel one's feelings- even the hard ones. But once the venting is done (it's done, I'm done. No more swearing!), it's important to focus on the positive side of things and take action.

So to inspire you, here is a list of benefits that tiny home owners are known to enjoy:



-Mental & physical health


-Financial Stability

-A retirement plan that makes sense

-A vacation that's actually relaxing

But why would you choose Teacup over other tiny house companies?

Excellent question. 

Most of our clients choose us because our team is experienced, and we care. That and they fall in love with our tiny homes

Here at Teacup, we understand that embarking on a tiny home journey can (at times) feel overwhelming. And that's why we make it our business to be with you from design to delivery and beyond.

Cool, but what does that mean? 

It means you can go over our tiny home plans with a real live human until we find the perfect one for you. It also means you will get picture and video updates of your build, information to support you on the day your tiny home is delivered, and a spot in our Teacup Academy. (That last is a learning portal that includes (among other things!)  tiny home maintenance information.) 

And why do we offer all of that support? Because when you're a Teacup client, you're with us for life.

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Are you having any hesitations about deciding to buy a tiny house? Are those hesitations spelled I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T    R-A-T-E-S?

I'm a millennial, too, remember? I share your concerns. But here's why I don't think interest rates should stop you from pursuing your dream tiny home.

Housing is your biggest expense, right? Because if it is, it's also your biggest leverage point to take control of your life. 

And yes, you will pay a little more in interest these days, but did you know that some loans will allow you to overpay the mortgage, and for whatever you overpay (or pre-pay), you will be charged zero interest? Double-check the details with your lender, but just know that this is a thing.

Also, while interest rates are rising, isn't it better to pay interest on something necessary (like a house) than on something unnecessary? Like, for instance, a credit card that you use for retail-therapy purchases because your landlord hiked your rent again?

Yes, I totally acknowledge that what I'm saying could lead to a sale for me if you decide to buy a tiny home. But you know what? I'm ok with this post being a little self-serving because I created a company I believe in. 

I think we millennials are ready for things to be different- big time. And if you agree, I say let's get mad. Let's lean in and unleash the fire because fire clears the way for change. 

Let's stop mulling over micro concerns like a slightly higher interest rate and take action to stop the thing that's draining us the most. 

Housing is our biggest flex.

Is a tiny house the answer for you? Only you can answer that one. 

But if it is, you know where to find me.

Sending love.


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(Which, by the way, is a no-pressure situation that is totally and completely free.)