The Teacup Tiny Homes Birth Story

May 17, 2022
Teacup Tiny Homes owner Jen with family

Here at Teacup Tiny Homes, we aspire to make going tiny as effortless as we can. But, it’s not enough for us to just give you a great house- we want to take you along for the ride and help you enjoy the journey as much as the destination. That’s what life is about, right?

For that reason, I (Jen) would like to take you back to the very beginning of the Teacup journey. Choosing a tiny home builder requires immense trust, and I want to give you the full story so that you can be confident in choosing Teacup Tiny Homes as your guiding light toward simpler living.

teacup tiny homes owner Jen with family

Simple living is possible, but it has taken effort to create a company that could streamline the process of purchasing a tiny house. In fact, I titled this post The Teacup Tiny Homes Birth Story because starting a company is not unlike giving birth: it’s exciting, it’s hard, it’s scary, but ultimately, it’s a deeply rewarding endeavor. How do I know this? Well, I’m a mother who started a company. Actually, (ironically,) the Teacup Tiny Homes birth story began while I was on maternity leave.


It was 2015, and I had just given birth to my son. Like all new moms, I was exhausted, but like all type-A designers, my brain couldn’t stop creating! I was attending to both needs by watching HGTV, when I discovered a popular tiny house show. I was hooked immediately! I just couldn’t look away from the adorable little houses with their ingenious use of space and seemingly endless design possibilities!

child drawing and hand drawn tiny home

Looking back, it’s not surprising that a tiny house resonated with me the way that it did. After finishing design school at nineteen, I went to work for a traditional home builder. It was through that experience I became dedicated to the idea of building spaces that fostered emotional connection.

Fostering emotional connection through design requires a deep understanding of how people use space. And the use of space is a tricky thing! Most people struggle with describing what they want in a space, but they know how they want to feel or what they want life to look like. That’s why I see my job largely as that of a translator- you tell me what you envision, and then it’s my job to create functional and beautiful designs that facilitate the lived experience you describe.

But anyway, back to the couch! As I sat there with my son, studying the pieces of these tiny homes, I had one distinct thought.

I could be good at this.

As I mentioned, I’d spent almost fourteen years studying and designing traditional homes, so I knew what people were looking for in a living space. I also knew the mechanics behind creating spaces, and (perhaps most valuably in tiny-house-world) I knew what space went unused. I’d also conveniently dated a trailer manufacturer for six years, so I was very familiar with the most crucial piece of any house: the foundation.

teacup tiny homes owner Jen with tiny house designs