How to Protect Yourself When Choosing A Builder

May 18, 2022

Finding the right builder for you can be hard.

We had dozens of zoom calls, phone calls, emails and texts.  It was over a year from the time I first met Adelina, until the day she took possession of her very own Teacup Tiny Home in 2019. 

Imagine forging a relationship with someone, where for 6-months you talk a few times a week, you share your innermost habits, you go through self-analysis of how you live, eat, sleep & move throughout the space you call home.

Wrap this up into an emotional journey of selling a home, most of your possessions, and start to peel away layers of yourself that are subconsciously attached to the things society says we should be.

This was just the beginning of our time with Adelina as she started her adventure into tiny living.  Not going to lie, it has possibly become a little bit of a guilty pleasure to creep on her awesome YouTube videos and see how she is doing every week.

The thing is, the moment you decide to commit to a builder, and start your tiny home dream creation,  it is exactly that... It is the beginning. The build is just the start.  Possession day is another start, and the journey of getting to know your new space and a new lifestyle begins.

What I have learned the most over the years of interior design and analyzing how people live, is that we can hypothesize until we are blue in the face about what we think we need or want, and in about 5 days of actually living in the space, some of those ideas can be thrown right out the door.

The same can be applied to starting the process of searching for a builder. 

We have seen it many times in working with our clients. 

Almost always, there is a change in what "seems" to be the most important questions to ask at the beginning vs. in the end, what WAS the most important after a few months in living tiny. 

One of the most fun parts of our job is to check in with our clients to see how they are using their homes and the results are exciting, interesting, and show us how we can better help our clients, during the build process.

Adelina has many great videos on her YouTube channel, but today I want to share with you a video called:

"How to Protect Yourself When Choosing A Tiny House Builder"

From the mouth of someone who has been candidly sharing her tiny home journey, there may be a few little tips and tricks in this video that help you in the long run.

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We hope you enjoy her as much as we do!