Tiny Home Space: How To Use It Effectively

May 18, 2022

This week we are all about the three-dimensional space in your tiny home and how to most effectively use it and use it to your advantage!

Lets talk volumes!

Something we hear most often from people who have never been in a tiny home is how big it actually feels when they step inside our homes for the first time. One of the reasons for that is ceiling height. Our tiny home ceilings are usually 10 or 11 feet high compared to standard homes which are usually only 8 feet high.

3 tips to help you our when you are designing your tiny home.

Your builder (*cough* US *cough*), can help you achieve a space that has the right look and right feel for YOU.

1. Think Upwards. Make sure you are utilizing all the space you can for storage. Wall space and shelves will always be an asset. Floating shelves are the best thing you can use on those walls. You can put things on there that you use every day, not just decorations. To be honest, a lot of decorations in a tiny home kind of defeats the purpose of going minimalistic.

2. Make sure everything has a place! Things you do not use and do not need will take up prime real estate in your tiny home when you could use the space for more functional or useful items. The worst thing could be to have a beautifully designed tiny home and none of your belongings fit into it. When you’re in the design process it’s a good idea to measure the things you want to bring so they can all fit in a well laid out plan!

3. Circulation space. The space you use to circulate your home in. Floor space that is designed specifically for walking whether it is in and around your cabinetry or even in consideration if you are going to hang things on a wall, you need enough space to walk. This also includes moving things around or holding things and walking around the house with them like massive grocery bags. This may mean during the design process you’re measuring and building around objects you know you need. Like a tub or shower.

We want to make sure you are really thinking and analyzing about what you need in your tiny home and how to make the design and function work for you. Spending a little extra time upfront and planning will make your life 10000000000000000 times easier. AND GUESS WHAT?! We would love to help you achieve all this so you can live the tiny life you have always imagined!