Painting Your Tiny Home

May 18, 2022

Here are a few tips that will help with painting your tiny home to make it feel super open and a few other design fundamentals that will allow you to achieve the look you want in your tiny home.

Start thinking of your tiny home as 3 dimensional space.

For example, if you choose one wall to be your “feature wall” or want to paint it a different colour than the rest of your home, it will either make that wall jump in towards you. If that wall is lighter than all the other walls, it will recede and go further away. Either way, you will not achieve a space that is nice, open, and airy. If that is the goal you are going for then you should be painting all your walls and the ceiling the same colour.

A lot of times when people decide to paint their ceiling a different colour it tends to make the roof feel a lot lower than it is.

A lot of tiny homes are painted white. Why? It makes it feel more open, you get more light reflecting off of that paint than if you go with a darker colour.

Floors are a little different. You want to be grounded and stable so a little darker is usually the way to go.

A unique way you could do it is in kitchen designs or in bathrooms is make the bottom cabinets a little darker than the upper cabinets.

Always start darker on the bottom and get lighter as you go up!

Last but not least, when you look at walls, don’t just look at the colour. Make sure you’re looking at the texture as well. Looking to add some texture? Have a flat white on one wall and a tongue and groove pine on another wall. All the little grooves in the pine will catch a shadow and make the wall appear darker than the smooth finish.

Ultimately, when it comes down to it, if you want a blue wall, paint that wall blue. Unless you know you want an open airy look, then maybe stick to the whites…

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