DIY Tiny Home vs. Hiring A BUILDER

May 18, 2022
Tiny home under construction

tiny home under construction

DIY Pros & Cons

  • Less Money BUT More Time

  • More Mistakes – Not as much experience building tiny homes

  • Experience You Gain

  • Enjoy Fruits of Your Labour

  • Research – You’ll need to research what products are best and you must consider your climate and where you want to live.

  • Quality – Ensure that it won’t fall apart as you travel down the highway

  • Over Build – Make sure you’re not putting too much product on and making your tiny house too heavy. The heavier it is, the more it may cost you to pull it if you have to use a semi.

tiny home transport trailer

BUILDER Pros & Cons

  • More Money BUT Less Time

  • Professionals – They have experience and have build many homes in the past!

  • Research You Builder- Make sure they have quality control inspections and make sure you have a solid contract.

  • Certification – Great for insurance, financing, etc.

  • Use Professionals – Trades and Engineers

  • Systems – Ensuring that you tiny home is not over weight and built properly

While there are a lot of pros and cons for both options and it is different from person to person depending on your goals. It also may be a little easier to DIY depending on your location. You guessed it!!! We would say choose a Tiny Home Builder! For obvious reasons, but more so that you know it’s done right the first time and you will have certifications, documents, and warranties!