Ten Ways to Use Your Teacup Tiny Home!

Nov 16, 2022
Full Sized Kitchen of The Florence Teacup Tiny Home.

Ten Ways to Use Your Teacup Tiny Home! 


When you dream about your Teacup, chances are you have a specific use in mind. But what you may not realize is that a Teacup tiny home is one of the most flexible structures on the planet! 


So are you ready to get inspired? Here are just a few of the ways people are using their tiny homes!

Rental Property


A Teacup tiny home can make a great rental property for many reasons! Off the top of our heads, what's more picturesque than a tiny home vacation rental? Our Ellie model makes a great one because she sleeps six people and has a downstairs bedroom!


Not into vacation rentals? No worries. A Teacup can also serve as a great long-term rental! 

Spacious Living Area in the ellie tiny house.

Starter Home


Would you love to buy a traditional home, but the timing isn't quite right? We totally get it. But just because you dream of owning a traditional home in the future doesn't mean you can't own a different kind of roof in the present.


So, in the meantime, how would you like to own an eco-friendly home with vaulted ceilings for a fraction of the price? You can choose the finishes and take it with you as your life evolves. Plus, when you do buy that traditional home, you can repurpose your Teacup as a rental property to help pay down the mortgage. Right?! We'll just leave a link to our online estimate builder here.

Comfortable Living Space in a tiny house.

Caretaker & Caregiver Cottage


Do you own a ranch? A permaculture farm? Or would you like a helping hand nearby so you can age in place? Whatever kind of assistance you're looking for, a tiny house could be the puzzle piece that pulls your plans together.


Teacup tiny houses offer privacy and independence while keeping necessary people close by. So if your llama sanctuary needs an on-hand expert, or you would feel better with a certified caregiver living only steps away, your Teacup can ensure that you have proximity to the help you desire.

Snow-Bird Home


With so many cool places in the world to explore, why choose just one?! Teacups make housing much more attainable, so why not get two? Not only will two home bases make your life more dynamic and flexible, but you could even alternate renting them out to fund your epic lifestyle. Yup. (Pssst! Here is a link to our gallery!)

Bedroom and living area in a tiny house.

Family Quarters


Did you just find out that everyone is coming for Thanksgiving? That's great news! Except for Uncle Steve is too tall for the futon. Oh, and your sister Debbie has already claimed the guest room. (And no one argues with Debbie!) 


If this sounds like your family, you should check out our Florence model! Florence includes a downstairs bedroom, a loft, and a large living room so you can host your family in style!


Do you have family that will be living with you long-term? Not a problem. Let's get them their own space so that you can keep yours!

Tiny Ski Chalet

Do you love the mountains? Or maybe the beach? If you love to vacation, let us share our favorite travel hack: you can skip one of the most expensive parts of travel (lodging) by buying the lodge.  


Sure, it's expensive to own property in a ski town, but no one said you had to buy the land! Instead, you could buy a tiny home and rent the land so you can ski (or surf!) to your heart's content!   Are you wondering how a Teacup will hold up under snow drifts and cold winter temperatures?  Do not so worry, each build comes with all of the essentials for winter living, including a reliable heat source to make sure your tiny stays warm, even if you are not there.

Boutique Business


One YouTube search for tiny homes will tell you how crazy people go for them! So why not use their popularity to bring attention to your small business? Do you have a clothing boutique? Or a massage studio? How about a cozy therapy office? 


A Teacup could be the perfect answer if you need a tiny bookstore or a drive-thru coffee shop. And if you ever move, no worries! Your Teacup Tiny Homes teacup poodle grooming salon can come with you!

Art Studio


If you have an artistic passion that requires peace and quiet, then a Teacup could be just the thing! 


There is something sacred about a space of one's own, and it's important to have the tools to connect with your inspiration. Of course, you can use any Teacup as a studio, but we will say that the Amelia has incredible natural light!

natural lighting in the amelia tiny house.

Permanent Home


If you are looking for a minimalist or minimal-ish lifestyle, a Teacup will help you to practice those values! 


Tiny homes are also an excellent opportunity to lower your carbon footprint, bring relationships closer, gain financial stability, and build a life of doing rather than having. So if that sounds like the life you're after, we'd encourage you to explore a tiny house lifestyle!


As tiny homes are a relatively new type of structure, there are some legality considerations with regard to living in them full-time. You'll want to do some research if you plan to make a Teacup your full-time home, but we will say that people make it happen every day! So why not you?! 

Girl drinking coffee in the kitchen of a tiny house

Flex Space


If you've made it to the end of this post, you know that the ways one can use a Teacup are limitless! We could brainstorm forever, but we know you need to choose your upgrade options. So can we just leave you with one last idea? 


What if you don't have to choose? What if your Teacup is the ultimate flex space?




Your Teacup could be the perfect place to house your daughter when she visits from college. And when she's away, it could transform into a vacation rental that supplements your retirement income. Maybe one day, your Teacup will become your daughter's starter home, or maybe it will be the reason you can have a long-term caregiver in your backyard.


There's no telling what lies ahead, but if the past has taught us anything, it’s that flexibility is key; we must bend, not break. And your Teacup will be there for all of it.


So in honor of the tiny house lifestyle, let's keep this simple:


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