The Serendipity

Sleeps 2+1

357 sq.ft.

34 ft. long

10 ft. 6 in. wide


Floor Plans

Have a look at  our client's Serendipity tiny home park model.


Custom built, this was the first Teacup Park Model. Serendipity is well known on YouTube and her owner, Adelina, is a wealth of information on taking the leap into tiny living.

It feels like the house I was meant to be in. It feels like my dream house. It felt like home almost immediately after I started living in it. I've always thought of my tiny house as my sanctuary, my safe place, and the tiny house lifestyle for me, means freedom, security, and knowing that I have everything that I need in the space that I can take with me when I decide to move. That's what it feels like to live here. It's not only security and conference but it's also a heck of a lot of fun and every inch of this space is perfect for me.

- Adelina  The Serendipity - Calgary, AB Canada
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