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We build tiny homes that keep you warm all year round.


Have the confidence to go tiny year-round, in extreme climates, without worrying about your tiny home freezing.


Our number one goal is to make your life more simple. 


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Ben & Shay 

Margo ~ Ontario

We initially connected with Teacup based on having followed you for a while on Instagram. We contacted a couple of other (slightly cheaper) companies first, but soon realised that Teacups cost more because they're more able to withstand the winters. The website was also informative and easy to navigate, which was a big thing for us.

Maria & Steve

Ruby ~ BC

Timeline was a big deal, knowing we could have our home built this year. But the social media presence helped us to see the work you do and want our own teacup tiny! You were actually one of the first builders Steve looked at but then we tried to find a more local builder before coming back to you.


Amelia ~ Alberta

"Winter heat in the tiny, -27 outside/overnight it was -40. Now, inside the tiny, it is +28, and underneath the tiny is -8. Feeling very cozy, warm and grateful for my Teacup tiny home."

Loft in a tiny home in Canada

By using a carefully crafted set of systems and processes our clients have the confidence to go after the simpler life they dream of.

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1. Choose your favorite Teacup Plan | 2. Choose the features that fit your lifestyle | 3. Live a simpler life.

Building tiny homes on wheels or off wheels that you can customize to your needs and style.


  • Our clients get access to The Teacup Academy, an online training portal that teaches you the build process, how to prepare for, set-up, properly maintain and love your Teacup, without the stress of having to figure it out on your own.


  • Our clients have access to a fully integrated project management app so you can track your tiny home progress with real-time updates, direct messaging, live schedules, and photos, so you aren't left guessing or wondering what is happening with the money you invested.


  • We are obsessed with always improving your tiny home experience. We do this by continually asking for feedback from our current and past clients so we can implement important tweaks to the process immediately. 
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