The Bianca

Tiny Home on Foundation

The Bianca 

Welcome to Teacup Tiny Homes, where we bring you the Bianca Tiny Home, the epitome of modern, minimalist living. Designed with your needs in mind, Bianca is an innovative and sustainable solution to the growing demand for affordable housing.

Tiny homes that are NOT built on wheels will be site installed, permitted and installed on a foundation. 

If you are in Ontario, you are in luck.   This might be the perfect solution for you.

*Images are artist renditions and are not of an actual build*


➤ 44 ft. long x 12 ft. wide

➤ Can be built for install on a foundation or built on a skid.

➤ Prices starting in the $140,000.00's CAN and qualify for a GST rebate.

➤ Main floor living area.

➤ Perfect for a couple, single, or a revenue-generating property.

➤ Sleek 3 Piece Bathroom w/ room for additional storage.

➤ Functional kitchen design with ample counter space.

➤ Delivery is available anywhere in Canada.

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Floor Plans

Sleeps 2

528 sq.ft.

44 ft. long

12 ft. wide

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Jen from Teacup Tiny Homes was amazing to work with. She took the time to answer any questions or concerns I had through the whole process and after. Love the fact that they scheduled phone calls! No phone tag or inconvenience for any of the parties involved. In a market that has a somewhat grey area in terms of building standards/codes, I feel confident and safe with my quality CSA approved Teacup Tiny house!

- Andrea  The Summer's Night Dream - Ontario, Canada
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