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If you cannot make your appointment for ANY reason, please be courteous and let us know. 

***Are you the decision maker when it comes to your tiny home build?  If not, and you will need to discuss with a partner, parent or another party, please make sure the other party is ON THE CALL WITH YOU. (We can also do a 3 way phone call to achieve this)***


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Adelina ~Calgary AB

"Jen has a unique talent of translating my vision into reality and she does it with such joy. I feel supported and cared for. I know that when inevitable hiccups arise, she has solutions and options for me to consider."


Gwen~ Edmonton AB

"As a Mother herself and the owner of Teacup, Jen prioritizes family, functionality and livability, pinpointing exactly what goes into the make of a truly warm and lasting home. We're seriously so grateful to work with such a counter-cultural company that treats us like a name and not a number! Teacup values your unique lifestyle and works alongside you to draw out a truly custom design over standard cookie-cutter models. More importantly, their commitment to the environment and the company's goal of creating a sustainable future for everyone is unique in Canada."


Chad & Erin ~ N. ONT

"[Teacup is] Knowledgeable on technical building specs, whereas other builders were unable to answer questions. This was a red flag for us."


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