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Tiny Home Paperwork Package

 Unlock the Full Potential of Your Tiny Home with Our Expertly Crafted Document Bundle

Take the next step in your tiny home journey with an exclusive offer designed to elevate your building experience.


1- Copy of our Teacup Building Specifications (PDF) - so you can gain insight as to how we build our tiny homes here at Teacup.  This information is likely the most asked for info from people in the research phases of going tiny.

2- Quality Control Checklists (PDF)-  The actual lists we use to check our tiny homes and exceed quality expectations.  Include typical design and build MUSTS for tiny homes.

3- Colour Selection Templates (PDF)- Use these forms to fill in your selections to stay organized, send to vendors and keep on file.  Organization is key in construction projects.

You have a unique opportunity to acquire our meticulously developed Quality Control (QC) Checklists, Color Selection Templates, and a copy of our Building Specifications – tools forged in the fires of expertise and experience.


This document bundle is your compass in the wilderness of tiny home construction, guiding you to a flawless finish without the pitfalls.

Threefold Benefits of the Document Bundle:

  1. Precision Planning:

    • Benefit: Navigate your build with the precision of a master craftsman using our QC Checklists, designed to capture every detail of the construction process.
    • Avoid: Prevent the frustration and cost of after-the-fact corrections and the nightmare of "I wish I'd thought of that sooner."
  2. Aesthetic Mastery:

    • Benefit: Express your style with confidence using our Color Selection Templates. These tools simplify the complex world of aesthetics, allowing you to create a space that resonates with your personal flair.
    • Avoid: Say goodbye to the anxiety of mismatched shades and the regret of a home that doesn't reflect your unique taste.
  3. Build Blueprint:

    • Benefit: Our Building Specifications act as your project bible, offering clarity and control over the materials and methods that will bring your tiny home to life.
    • Avoid: Eliminate the guesswork and the daunting possibility of subpar structures or unsuitable materials that could jeopardize your tiny haven.

Investing in our document bundle means investing in peace of mind. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools that have led countless Teacup clients to success. Embrace organization, eliminate costly oversights, and ensure your tiny home is everything you've dreamed of and more.

Don’t miss the chance to upgrade your build. Add this indispensable document bundle to your cart and pave the way to a faultless tiny home build.