The Teacup Academy


This may be the most important program you take before making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life. 


Welcome to The Teacup Academy, your ultimate online training portal designed to navigate you through the ins and outs of tiny home living. Our comprehensive curriculum equips Teacup clients with the essential knowledge for building a tiny home, preparing for delivery, managing installation, and ensuring ongoing maintenance. This invaluable resource has transformed the tiny home journey from daunting to doable, imbuing our clients with the confidence they need.

Since its inception, an astounding 97% of Teacup clients have cited The Teacup Academy as a pivotal factor in their decision to build with us, with countless accolades in our client testimonials.

That's why we're thrilled to extend an invitation to join The Teacup Academy to you! 

We've heard the distress calls from those who've embarked on this journey with other builders and found themselves lost at sea.

We've answered the S.O.S. signals from second-hand tiny home buyers in desperate need of guidance.

Understanding the minutiae before signing any contract is crucial for success in going tiny.

  • If the path to tiny living beckons to you, yet the sheer volume of information out there is overwhelming...
  • If you're ready to embark on your tiny home journey, but the intricacies of utilities, hook-ups, and their operation elude you...
  • Or if you're intrigued by tiny living and eager to understand the process...

The Teacup Academy is your destination.

Within The Teacup Academy, you will uncover:

The Teacup Blueprint: Our step-by-step process that arms you with the knowledge to confidently embark on your tiny home journey and avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong contractor.

Delivery and Setup Mastery: Navigate the crucial steps for delivery preparation and learn how to set up your tiny home, banishing confusion and overwhelm on the big day.

Investment Protection: Learn the secrets of maintaining your tiny home throughout the years, safeguarding your investment.


Without this program...'re likely to find yourself adrift in a sea of online research, bombarded by conflicting information.

Conversations with builders or sellers may leave you perplexed, unsure of the right questions to ask.

You might remain a dreamer, stuck in analysis paralysis, never taking the plunge into tiny living because, let's be honest, it's a massive leap with a steep learning curve.

But with The Teacup Academy, clarity emerges:

• Peek Behind the Curtain: Gain insights into the exact steps of the building process, helping you fine-tune your needs, wants, and goals.

• Confident Communication: Approach discussions with builders or sellers armed with confidence and clarity, knowing the right questions to ask and details to look for.

• Delivery Day Triumph: Approach delivery day prepared, transitioning to set up with ease and understanding.

• Step by Step, Dream to Reality: Make tangible progress towards your tiny home dream without the immediate commitment of thousands of dollars in a deposit.


This year, instead of adding to the clutter with another physical gift, choose The Teacup Academy and invest in knowledge and confidence that will sprint you toward your dreams.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction: The Tiny Home Terror Barrier

2. Planning Phase:

a. What’s Included in Your Tiny Home

b. Welcome Package

c. Onboarding Assessment: Define Your Needs, Wants & Goals

3. Interior & Exterior Colour Selections:

a. How to Choose Exterior Colours & Materials

b. How to Choose Interior Colours & Materials

4. Plans Pricing & Payments

a. Review a pricing proposal and building specification

b. Ordering Your Chassis & Payment Structure

5. Construction Start:

a. What To Expect Through The Building Phase

6. Preparation For Your Tiny:

a. What Happens Next?

b. Preparation Checklist & Homeowner Handbook

c. Orientation Walk Through

d. First-Timer’s Tool Kit e. Submitting Warranty Requests & Asking Questions

7. Site Set-Up: a. How To Set Up & Use Your Tiny Home

b. Includes eight tutorial videos on exactly how to use and set up your tiny home.

8. Maintaining Your Tiny Home

a. Warranty & Maintenance Manuals & Checklists.


If you've arrived at this page, it's for a reason. Knowledge is the first step towards action. Don't waste another moment in a loop of endless Google searches that lead you nowhere. Join The Teacup Academy now, and start living the life you've envisioned.


*The Teacup Academy is based on how we build and construct Teacup Tiny Homes ONLY and much of the information is proprietary to Teacup.*

What People Are Saying:

Appreciate the information regarding the process, upgrades and pricing that is available in the Teacup Academy. I would be incredibly overwhelmed if I had too many choices.

Dana J.

Looking at what was available in Canada we felt Teacup was the most well-designed (technically and aesthetically) for full-time living. Not only that but it was clear the customer service is excellent as proof by the estimator, Teacup Academy and great online reviews.

Katy J.

The systems and maintenance are where I feel least equipped so I will absolutely appreciate any thoughtful and slow introductions you can offer on how the mechanics work together and where I can find troubleshooting guidance (like the Academy and your fantastic handbook) is greatly appreciated.

Tina L.

$497.00 CAD